The New York-Penn League Gets Hip

Nobody quite does ridiculous, awesome, or ridiculously awesome promotions like minor league baseball teams, and apparently even affiliates in ultra-hip places like New York City can get in on the stereotypically corn-fed zaniness, as the Brooklyn Cyclones seem determined to prove, year in, year out.

The Cyclones– a Mets affiliate in the NY-Penn League, and formerly the St. Catherines Blue Jays– first hit the national consciousness in 2009 when they renamed themselves the Baracklyn Cyclones for a night, honouring the 44th president, giving out Obama bobbleheads and celebrating patriotism, as they crushed the Hudson Valley Renegades 7-3. They also, according to an AM NY post, have saluted pregnancy with a centre field lamaze class in 2009, and hosted a Jersey Shore night in 2010, which was– ho ho ho– rather cleverly called “Jersey? Sure!”

This season’s outstanding promo schedule promises a Medieval Times night, “Ballet & Baseball: A History Lesson in Nine Innings,” something called “Trash Your Ex Night,” and my personal favourite, Williamsburg Night!*

Yes, on July 5th the Cyclones will pander to the denizens of NYC’s hippest enclave, bringing “Williamsburg art and music” and a Skee-ball tournament to their Coney Island-area park, and– best of all– treating hipsters like royalty by offering vouchers for food and drink discounts to anyone with a beard, and letting anyone in skinny jeans run the bases after the game, “an honor usually reserved for 8-year-olds,” as Tim Donnelly of Brokelyn puts it.

I’m so there.


* presented by Verizon. Because… what’s more hipster than corporate sponsorship for events catering to those that disdain corporate sponsorship, amiright?