The New York-Penn League Gets Hip

Nobody quite does ridiculous, awesome, or ridiculously awesome promotions like minor league baseball teams, and apparently even affiliates in ultra-hip places like New York City can get in on the stereotypically corn-fed zaniness, as the Brooklyn Cyclones seem determined to prove, year in, year out.

The Cyclones– a Mets affiliate in the NY-Penn League, and formerly the St. Catherines Blue Jays– first hit the national consciousness in 2009 when they renamed themselves the Baracklyn Cyclones for a night, honouring the 44th president, giving out Obama bobbleheads and celebrating patriotism, as they crushed the Hudson Valley Renegades 7-3. They also, according to an AM NY post, have saluted pregnancy with a centre field lamaze class in 2009, and hosted a Jersey Shore night in 2010, which was– ho ho ho– rather cleverly called “Jersey? Sure!”

This season’s outstanding promo schedule promises a Medieval Times night, “Ballet & Baseball: A History Lesson in Nine Innings,” something called “Trash Your Ex Night,” and my personal favourite, Williamsburg Night!*

Yes, on July 5th the Cyclones will pander to the denizens of NYC’s hippest enclave, bringing “Williamsburg art and music” and a Skee-ball tournament to their Coney Island-area park, and– best of all– treating hipsters like royalty by offering vouchers for food and drink discounts to anyone with a beard, and letting anyone in skinny jeans run the bases after the game, “an honor usually reserved for 8-year-olds,” as Tim Donnelly of Brokelyn puts it.

I’m so there.


* presented by Verizon. Because… what’s more hipster than corporate sponsorship for events catering to those that disdain corporate sponsorship, amiright?

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  1. The Cyclones play at Keyspan Park (or at least that’s what it used to be called), a really nice little park along the beach/ocean. I highly recommend a trip to Coney Island on a summer weekend for anybody who ventures to NYC. I remember going to watch the Jays short season affiliate the Auburn Doubledays there, Jonathan Fernandez was thrilled that a couple of drunk guys knew he was and came over for a chat about his dad and being around the Jays and whatnot.

    One of the colleges in the conference I played in would rent the field for their “home” games, and it was always a thrill playing on a real minor league field.

    • i think it’s called mtc something-or-other now. i *should* be more clear on that, as i just so happened to be there this afternoon…the grounds crew was locking up when i asked them to let me in to take a look at the place.

  2. Them fucking hipsters have disdain for everything and no logical consistency in their beliefs so being sponsored by Verizon makes just as much sense as their predilection for iPhones.

  3. A few years ago I went to a Cyclones game. It was great. They celebrated the history of baseball in Brooklyn with the Dodgers championship banners from the Brooklyn days, going back to some NL titles in the early parts of the century and some retired numbers (Jackie, Campanella, Newcombe, Snider, etc), and there was a nice moving statue of Pee Wee Reese embracing Jackie Robinson outside. Nice ballpark, history, and the nuttiest minor league shenanigans you could imagine. What more could you ask for?

  4. I would most definitely attend Trash Your Ex night

  5. Niiiiice. Road trip!

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