Did you know that, as a hardcore baseball fan, you are obligated to love high socks and stirrups? It is 100% true, if you don’t agree you will be asked to leave the internet FOREVER. It is the intoxicating mix of nostalgia for a time they didn’t experience and glorifying their own innocent pasts that makes these throwbacks irresistible.

The good men and women at the Rays Index pay keen attention to the sartorial choices of their beloved Rays and noticed a strange trend as it relates to centerfielder B.J. Upton. Pouring over scads of data and information, RI picked up on something: Upton hits better when he wears high socks.

The post is certainly worth clicking through to see the actual numbers they came up with but it is, as the very least, a fun blog post and comical little pattern. But it is not just giggles and sanitary socks. The Man Himself took notice of the post, reaching out to the Rays Index team to offer his take.

Awesome! It wasn’t as though the RI dudes (gauchely) tacked Upton’s twitter handle into their original tweet. Upton found it and read it all on his own! Awesome. A fun story all around.