Well, this it what it’s come to in Chicago. Last in the National League Central with an 18-32 record, six wins on the road, a run differential of -46, and a team slash line .249/.309/.388. What does it all add up to? A For Sale sign on all players not named Jeff Samardzija, and see what happens.

What’s amazing about this is that shortstop Starlin Castro is now available to the highest bidder. Castro is the team leader in fWAR this season at 1.7 followed by Bryan LaHair at 1.5 and the over-paid Alfonso Soriano, who is actually hot the last few weeks, at 1.2. Castro, despite some trouble in the off season, would be a major upgrade for teams looking for a shortstop ( A’s, Mariners, Giants, Pirates?)

Ryan Dempster, born in Gibsons, British Columbia, would look good in a Blue Jays uniform, don’t you think?

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  1. “If you can pronounce it, it’s available in a trade”

  2. Is Bryan LaHair a fluke, or is he a guy who’s worth offering a AAA player or two to slot into “our” somewhat vacant 1B position?

    • Jeebus! He’s nearly 30?…. did not expect that!

      • Fuck… he can’t hit lefties either… nevermind….

        • Know what would be good… if one could erase one’s own posts…. yeah…..

          ….. yeah

          • But where would the fun be without the uselessly long threads due to self-edits #freedisqus
            But Beyond that, yeah, I feel like LaHair is an older version of 2009 Lind… with the regression police hot on his trail.
            Castro, as part of a 3 way that maybe nets some pitching too though? Yes Please?

  3. Yeah, Dempster would look great getting knocked around in the A.L. East.

  4. Well that’s toooo bad because Samardzija (I always get so close then forget the “i”) is the only one I want. Actually Garza is ok with me if the price is right.

  5. How does one pronounce Samardzija? I say like ‘ Smardzaahhhhhh’ <— is this accurate? Looking at it confuses me

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