This week we’ve got Dusty Baker’s favorite superhero, Jamie Moyer being old and useless and Mike Trout being young and very, very good.

I don’t know if there was a better hitter during Mays. It’s been fun to watch him hit, fun to watch his overall play. … He reminds me of Tony Gwynn. He takes what they give him, he doesn’t try to do too much up there. He has a calmness, there’s no panic in him even with two strikes. He’s just a great hitter.

Whenever a record is set, a new hyperbole is born. Bruce Bochy is well aware of this fact.

It’s difficult, because he’s as professional as any player I’ve ever been around. But we felt like this is something we had to do.

Doesn’t Jim Tracy know that he’s responsible for the loss of so many clichés and pointless articles praising Jamie Moyer? How will the baseball media survive this demotion?

That’s exactly what Trout did Tuesday night, showing off the blazing speed that Angels manager Mike Scioscia believes is unparalleled in the AL. With fellow speedster Peter Bourjos patrolling center field and nine-time Gold Glove winner Torii Hunter in right, it’s tough to imagine a better defensive outfield than the Angels’ current trio.

Seriously, how happy must the Angels be that Vernon Wells is injured? It’s really a shame that Wells’ legacy seems destined to be “the king of addition by subtraction.”

Turning to a string of subs and fill-ins, the Mets are almost a real-life version of ”Major League.”

Well, if you’re just going to offer….R.A Dickey as Jake Taylor, Ike Davis as Pedro Cerrano (against a curveball), and Frank Francisco as Wild Thing (because of course he is). Right?

We do know that Frank is not the target or the subject of the investigation.

Really, Frank McCourt’s attorney? Because I feel that if you run a team into bankruptcy by stealing a whole bunch of money from them you probably shouldn’t make off with $2 billion. Seems like someone who should be the target of an investigation to me. Or maybe I’m just nuts.

He was … not Superman, he was Mr. Magnificent or somebody

Dusty Baker, eloquent as ever. But, seriously, Todd Frazier saved a woman’s life. That’s pretty cool. And this is all Dusty could come up with? Couldn’t even go with Batman or something? Mr. Magnificent? Get it together.

In past years, Anthopoulos operated under a mission statement that would have looked lousy on the season-ticket brochures. WE WILL LEAD THE LEAGUE IN COMPENSATORY DRAFT PICKS!

This was a pretty standard piece about the Jays by Jon Paul Morosi (he quoted OPS! Someone’s learning…) but, I have to admit, that line made me laugh. I would love for the Jays to market themselves that way. Although then Jays fans would probably get drunk and do stupid shit at the draft. So maybe not.

I saw tough stretches, but I don’t think this is indicative of the type of team we are, I think we’re clearly better than this.

I dispute this claim, Theo Epstein. I think the Cubs are clearly not better than this. This is how good a team with Ian Stewart as its starting third baseman generally tends to be.