Yup, he really did! Eight strikeouts, five walks, one great catch by Mike Baxter and no hits. If you feel compelled to bemoan his pitch count (a career high 134), congratulations on completely missing the point. The first no-hitter in the fifty-one year history of the Mets franchise goes to Johan Santana, just eleven starts into his comeback season.

Here is the game chart, it doesn’t really matter. The Mets won. Johan didn’t give up any hits.

Source: FanGraphs

It does, however, show that Johan pitched in almost exclusively low-leverage situations, making his very-high-for-a-guy-fresh-off-serious-shoulder-problems pitch count seem a little less scary. If you care about stuff like that, which you probably shouldn’t.

The 134 pitches are a career high as previously mentioned but…no-hitter woooo! By all reports, Santana looked a little gassed in the ninth but now he gets to live forever. A decent trade off if you ask me. (You didn’t.) You can see from this velocity chart that his fastball started tailing off as the start wore on. Still doesn’t matter, no hitter no hitter!

Santan relied heavily on his legendary change up, throwing it 38 times, earning half his 18 whiffs with his devastating change. As one might expect in a no-hitter, not very many ground balls as they have a habit of finding holes. Just three grounders against sixteen flys for Santana.

The feat wasn’t without controversy, as Carlos Beltran hit a line drive the was ruled foul on the field. Replays show…robots hate fun.

Fitting that it came on the night Carlos Beltran made his return to New York, the place he called home (and got blamed for all the ills of the world) for nearly seven years. Equally fitting it came against the St. Louis Cardinals, who defeated the Mets in the 2006 NLCS in a dramatic Game 7, which ended with Beltran infamously staring at strike three.

But tonight is no longer about Carlos Beltran, it is about the incredible night of Johan Santana and a bright night for Mets fans for the first time in a long time. Too bad some douche in a Gary Carter jersey decided to rush the field and inject himself into the celebration on the mound.

Whatever. Jubilant Mets fans are the order of the day, here’s to them!

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  1. I hadn’t seen that Beltran ball until now (I was only following the box score at that point).

    My day is ruined.

  2. That was a fair ball 100%. Oquendo should have hit him, i hate blind umps :o( A 5 walk no hitter will never impress me, unless its a rookie.

  3. Why aren’t umpires accountable?

      • Suspension for missing the call, maybe demotion to the minors for a week or 2

        • Has. To. Be. A. Fucking. Joke.

        • I’m curious: how do you think that will make the umpires better? No snark, interested in your response.

          • I don’t think it’s a harsh penalty, i believe it would make them take their job more serious. Of course they will take advantage of a union that protects them from just about everything, they are paid very well and are supposed to be unique to any amateur Ump that will never make it to the pros. Yet i believe they mess up to frequently, and this above reproach shit is garbage.

          • Too frequently i meant, damn typos. At least i realized my mistake and corrected it . Unlike the Umps lol

        • Listen. The ump missed a call, okay happens all the time, sometimes ludicrous other times whatever. This is a whatever situation, who cares if Beltran didn’t get a shitty hit, hits like that are never quality or intended. Santana just came of MAJOR shoulder surgery this is a huge accomplishment, don’t piss on it because of a shitty hit being called foul. Also to the 5 walk no nos don’t impress me clown, you go out on the mound and pitch. A NO HITTER IS A NO HITTER, A PERFECT GAME IS AMAZING BUT SO Is A NO HITTER SO SHUT THE FUCK UP AND MOVE ON.

          • Wow your a loser bud, listen drunkee it was not a impressive no hitter simple and plain. I feel sorry for anyone in your personal life, and i laugh at your attempt to be so angry over something so little. So enjoy being so negative, i aint comin back to see all your bullshit response cause i get the last word in then i move on with my day.

  4. The Ump that took away the perfect game from that Detroit pitcher two years ago, now that’s an ump to get pissed at and should be dealt with.

  5. Not impressed at all: 5 walks! Any no-hitter with more than 1 walk should be a non-no-hitter. Sure, if you refuse to throw strikes to 5 batters, then for sure you will not be giving up hits to them. But that’s either fear of the hitter or lack of control and for those reasons anyone who gives up so many walks should not have a no-hitter counted. All those games that Roy Halladay had for the Jays where he pitched complete game 0-walk 1 hitter or 2 hitters were massively more impressive and difficult than these recent 5, 6, 8 walk no-hitters. He should’ve got credit for a no-walker.

    • “Any no-hitter with more than 1 walk should be a non-no-hitter. ” That’s retarded. Were there any HITS recorded? No, so hence the no-hitter. But I’ll excuse this from you dave9t5, because you probably take the short bus to school and wear Velcro sneakers.

  6. Let’s celebrate luck and incorrect calls!

  7. The ump missing that fair/foul call on Beltran’s at-bat was unfortunate, a very quick decision on a very quick play, but it happens from time to time, human element, robot umpires now, blah blah blah etc.

    But at least it wasn’t as bad as this (Joe Mauer 2009 ALDS):


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