It’s the week’s best baseball GIFs, neatly compiled in one place and ready to wreak havoc on your browser. We lead with Todd Frazier’s now infamous no-hands home run (aka the shot that sunk Jamie Moyer) because it’s pretty much the most awesome thing we’ve seen in quite some time.

Here are the rest of the GIFs that made us gasp, guffaw, and groan over the past week.

The umm… heavy winds of the week

Ball-shot of the week

Meet Quintin Berry of the week

Collision of the week

At least those shades look cool of the week

The Braves celebrate a Freddie Freeman homer of the week

Freddie Freeman approves of the week

Full body disappointment of the week

Hit the cut-off not the backstop of the week

Hold on to your pants of the week

One more time in slow motion from the side of the week

The exception of the week

Comments (6)

  1. Oh God, what happened to that guy’s pants?! Did the button fall off when he bent over? Ahahahahaha. I was not expecting that.

  2. Eric Hinske looks like a date rapist.

  3. That Quintin Berry gif doesn’t show the “Family Circus Cartoon” route he took to the ball. Nice catch none the less.

  4. holy shit, that fuck sucked that garbage right into his face. u see that shit? he spots it 10 feet away floating in the air and he just sucks it right in. musta had some grease on it or something. damn. we are one fat fucking nation.

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