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…and now for something completely different – a Getting Blanked podcast featuring very little in the way of “Getting Blanked” content. With the 2012 Rule IV (read: amateur) draft on Monday night, the Getting Blanked podcast wants to make sure you are prepared.

First, Mr. Dustin Parkes talked to Professor Jason Parks of Baseball Prospectus about the methodolgy of the draft and scouting in general (around the 5:30 mark.) Then I speak with Keith Law about his updated top 25 prospects list ($) (mostly about Dylan Bundy because swooooon), how this draft might look different thanks to the new CBA, and some of the names of the top of the first round of the draft (around 30:00).

We think it is pretty good, though it does include our usual scumbaggery in the Parting Shots segement. Please to enjoy:

…or download the mp3 directly right here.

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