There were only three games on last night’s Major League Baseball schedule, which means that there isn’t exactly a whole ton of options as far as large new stories go. So, instead of one feature story and a smattering of links, let’s go around the league, and check out what’s happening to each team with a top post from one of my favourite team blogs.

Does that sound like fun? Are you into it?

Alright. Let’s go.

AL East

Baltimore Orioles: The Orioles are on a five game losing streak, but still in first place in the division. Their pitching has let them down during this rough patch, while their offense has produced at a slightly better rate than earlier in the year. [Camden Crazies]

Tampa Bay Rays: How do Rays pitchers perform with two strikes? Do they finish off their batters or continue to give them a sign of life? [DRaysBay]

New York Yankees: Russell Martin’s widdle feewings got hurt when home plate umpire Laz Diaz wouldn’t let him throw new baseballs to his pitchers. Seriously. [It's About The Money Stupid]

Toronto Blue Jays: First baseman Adam Lind, who including all of this season, is owed $12 million for the next two years, has passed through waivers and is no longer on the 40 man roster. [DJF]

Boston Red Sox: Scott Podsednik led off last night for the Red Sox. That’s not even a joke. Well, actually it is, but what I mean to say is that I’m not making that up. [Over The Monster]

AL Central

Chicago White Sox: Plumbing the depth of the Chicago White Sox outfielders. Hint: You don’t have to plumb very deep. [South Side Sox]

Cleveland Indians: Being an Indians fan is full of ups (like sweeping the Detroit Tigers) and downs (like getting swept by the Chicago White Sox) as the team searches for some solid ground. [The DiaTribe]

Detroit Tigers: There’s little to celebrate for Tigers fans right now, but they did take one away from their series with the Boston Red Sox, avoiding the sweep and further embarrassment. [Bless You Boys]

Kansas City Royals: The Royals’ month of May in a nutshell. Figuratively. It’s literally in a blog post. [Kings Of Kauffman]

Minnesota Twins: The Twins might not be superstitious, but they definitely are stitious. [Twinkie Town]

AL West

Texas Rangers: The Rangers made the right decision in signing Roy Oswalt. [Baseball Time In Arlington]

Los Angeles Angels Of Anaheim: Why do Angels hitters get thrown so many fastballs? [Monkey With A Halo]

Oakland Athletics: Why do the A’s seem so lousy at developing hitters? [Athletics Nation]

Seattle Mariners: Desperate times call for desperate measures as the Mariners should reconsider Carlos Peguero. [Lookout Landing]

NL East

Washington Nationals: The Nationals appear to have found themselves a more legitimate rival in the Miami Marlins than they have with the Philadelphia Phillies. [District On Deck]

Miami Marlins: Are declining ticket prices in the secondary market something for the Marlins to be concerned about? [Marlins Diehards]

New York Mets: The Mets rotation goes under the microscope. [Amazin Avenue]

Atlanta Braves: The Braves defense is now an asset for the team. [Capitol Avenue Club]

Philadelphia Phillies: Is Jonathan Paplebon being used in the most appropriate spots? [Crashburn Alley]

NL Central

Cincinnati Reds: Is it possible for the Reds to win the division while continuing to make outs as often as they’ve had so far this season? [Red Reporter]

St. Louis Cardinals: Reorganizing the Cardinals’ bullpen maybe wouldn’t be an exercise in futility. [Viva El Birdos]

Pittsburgh Pirates: A.J. Burnett is pitching very well for the Pirates right now. [Raise The Jolly Roger]

Houston Astros: The series against the Colorado Rockies is best forgotten by the Astros. [Crawfish Boxes]

Chicago Cubs: I love the title of this post: The blindĀ vengeanceĀ of a jilted fan base. [View From The Bleachers]

NL West

Los Angeles Dodgers: With Matt Kemp expected to be out for at least four more weeks, the Dodgers face an extended Kemp free existence. [Mike Scioscia's Tragic Illness]

San Francisco Giants: With all the talk about his declining velocity, perhaps we’re missing the fact that Tim Lincecum isn’t hitting the strike zone nearly as often. [McCovey Chronicles]

Arizona Diamondbacks: Where oh where have the D’Backs’ power numbers gone? [AZ Snake Pit]

Colorado Rockies: With four home runs in four straight plate appearances, Carlos Gonzalez is on an incredible roll right now. [Rockies Review]

San Diego Padres: Even Jim Cramer is dissing the Padres right now. [Gaslamp Ball]