The baseball draft, as you well know, is an inexact science. A vast array of roadblocks stand between the players taken last night and big league glory – the least of which remains the arduous path through the tiered minor league system.

None of which really matters to the guys on the current big league roster. The details matter not when an opportunity to have fun at the expense of a young teammate presents itself. As the Seattle Mariners prepared for their game against the Angels in Anaheim, MLB Network coverage played in the visitors clubhouse. When Bud Selig announced the Mariners decision to pick catcher Mike Zunino with the third overall, the M’s jokers went into attack mode, feasting on rookie catcher Jesus Montero.

Some of the highlights crouch below the jump, swathed in the Tools of Ignorance as you might expect.

Poor Jesus. No future for him behind the plate in Seattle, I guess. Just like nearly everyone suggested when the acquired him, new draftees notwithstanding. It isn’t as though a spending a high draft pick on a catcher ever went wrong before, did it?