Let this be known, unless you’re twelve years old or younger, you probably shouldn’t wear your baseball glove to the ballpark. It symbolizes that you care about catching a foul ball, and frankly, as an adult, you shouldn’t. There are exceptions, of course. And I can probably give the guy above a pass since he made a pretty great grab in a nonchalant fashion while talking on his cell phone.

However … the strange I have to go pee dance that verges on a type of even stranger primal mating ritual is absolutely inexcusable. Unless, of course, he was dancing out of glee for the no-hitter that Jarrod Parker still had in progress at that point.

Somehow, I doubt it.

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  1. And you should not wish to catch a ball after you turn twelve because? I hear that all over the internet, but I fail to understand why I should not get excited about the chance of catching a home run or foul ball? I, personally, am not too cool for that.

    • I’m with you, Greg. Why should we rob ourselves of a little fun, in hoping to catch a foul ball? We’re watching a game, after all. I pity anyone who goes to a ball game without their childhood spirit engaged.

      • Agreed. Bringing a glove to the park is simply part of the fun. Memories of being at the park as a kid. I don’t give a shit about a foul ball. I take my mitt to the snack bar, pisser and the 500 level. It’s part of the experience. As an added bonus, if you happen to have a home run hit at you by the opposing team, you damn well better catch it so you can throw it right back!!

    • Because sabermetrics, that’s why!

      Or something…

  2. That guy was almost hit with the ball a pitch or 2 before, same at bat. He got a second chance…

    • Yeah he made a pretty pathetic attempt on the pitch before and almost actually got taken out by the foul ball as he was talking on his cell phone. Probably the only reason he makes the catch on the second ball hit to him.

  3. Fuck off Parkes. Stop telling me I can’t do the wave. Stop telling me I can’t wear my glove to the game. ‘Cause Bautista dented the outflield bleachers 10 feet from me on one of his dingers and I’d rather that not happen to my hand. Man, I want a game ball so bad.

    • Catching a foul ball: fun, a part of baseball.

      Doing the wave: lame, not part of baseball. You’re there to watch the game, not the audience.

      • Stephen, please see your own post above re: childhood spirit.

      • is the wave stupid? mostly. it can look kinda cool on tv. but, people paid their money for their seats. they can do whatever they want as long as it’s not against stadium rules.

        people really to to be anti-fun/stadium dictators and i’m not entirely sure who made put them in charge

  4. After all the rants about the rogers no fun police.

    Does he look like a tool? Yes. Is he on his phone like a D-bag? Yes. Does he look like he’s having more fun than you? Absolutely.

  5. Guys, c’mon. A little tongue in cheek. I don’t actually care at all about whatever ways you wish to embarrass yourselves at games.

    • I’d rather there be 50,000 gloves in the stands and everyone doing the wave (despite it being total horseshit) than these necklace-wearing collar-popping 19-year olds in the stands who are only there 1) to get drunk on $10 beers and 2) to brag to their friends that they went to the game. You come to a baseball game to watch baseball, not to be a tool. If you’re completely shitfaced by the 6th inning, how do you have any clue what’s going on? If you’re only going so you can drunkenly yell at Baltimore’s Triple A outfielder who got a September call-up, then buddy, you’re going for the wrong reasons.

  6. I think having a glove with you (if you are in certain seats) is all about protecting yourself and those around you from foul balls being lined into the seats. I’ve seen one bloodied face too many.

    Also part of the charm of baseball is that it IS a kid’s game; we should be indulging the child within and hoping for a foul ball.

  7. Here’s another vote for those who think people of any age should be excited/proud to catch a foul ball – with or without a glove.

    I think it is about more than the nostalgia – it connects the fan in a physical way with the speed and context of the game. It also grants you a souvenir of that moment that wasn’t purchased in the team shop, and that item will always be directly tied to the narrative of that particular game.

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