Tommy Lasorda Suffers Heart Attack

According to a report from TMZ Sports, former Los Angeles Dodgers manager Tommy Lasorda has suffered a heart attack.

84-year-old Lasorda — who ended his illustrious coaching career after a prior heart attack in 1996 — was in NY representing the L.A. Dodgers at the MLB draft, which started yesterday. The heart attack was “mild” and Tommy is expected to be ok — and the plan is for him to be released tomorrow.

Lasorda was elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown by the Veterans Committee in 1997, and for some strange reason, he was also elected to the Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame in 2006. This, despite much evidence of him being a little less savoury of a character than was perhaps suggested by his public image.

This is an excerpt from an article written by Richard Griffin that appeared in the Toronto Star at the time of his induction:

Which brings us back to Lasorda and why is he in the hall? Unlike his well-nurtured public image, he’s in reality a mean-spirited, egocentric, homophobic bully who has done nothing for Canadian baseball.

When it was discovered in the late-‘70s that Dodgers centre fielder Glenn Burke was gay and had befriended Lasorda’s son, Tommy, Jr., Burke alleges that he had him traded to the A’s.

Later on, at the time Lasorda’s AIDS-ridden son was gravely ill, another gay player, Billy Bean, alleged that Lasorda was still telling rough, unfunny, homophobic locker room jokes.

First suspicions that all might not be right with Lasorda came yesterday when the former Dodgers manager failed to appear at the draft. Even if he was a jerk at multiple points in his life, we still hope for a speedy recovery because we’re better than him.

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  1. So the P.C. brigade has decided it’s wrong to think homosexuality is a perversion worthy of a death sentence? Fuck off, Thought Police!

    • you’re a moron

    • Clearly there are no PC thought police, because you live in a country where you are free to be bigoted prick. That’s Liberty for you, ain’t it awesome?

      Thankfully, it cuts both ways, and I am free to point out that you are a pathetic scumbag who lacks the intelligence to realise that any cosmic being out there should have better things to do with his time that worrying about where certain types of primate prefer to put their willies. If God’s a homophobe too, I’ll be happy to call him an asshole, come the day of judgement.

    • Until now I thought you only said stupid things about baseball… I… under?… estimated you…

  2. His game for Sega Genesis was good fun, though.

  3. +1 Desmond Howl and ben

    -1 Gringo for obvious reasons

  4. “When we win, I’m so happy I eat a lot. When we lose, I’m so depressed, I eat a lot. When we’re rained out, I’m so disappointed I eat a lot.” – Tommy Lasorda

  5. Vintage Lasorda:

  6. Hey, you know Tommy Lasorda? I HATE TOMMY LASORDA.

  7. There is a fine documentary called OUT,THE GLENN BURKE STORY. I RECOMMEND IT TO JOCKS, gay or straight. I knew Glenn, and without a doubt, the 2 MLB managers he play for were extremely homophobic. The other, Billy Martin who was recently nominated for the HoF, was overtly a homo-phobe, and introduced Glenn at Spring Training to players, then added “by the way, he’s a fagot!” Lasorta and Martin caused Glenn’s career to be cut short. When it comes to the H o F, the fact that Ty Cobb is in there tells you that it’s the players record that counts… not what the believe in on or off the field. This is the 21 century, and hopefully some time soon some player in the closet will come OUT while he is playing. Believe me, there has been gay athletes in all professional sports, but they know it would cost them endorsements and scorn from bigoted teammates and fans, as well as the press.

  8. Not sure if anyone’s mentioned this, but the reason Lasorda was (very strangely) elected to the Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame is because he’s the winningest pitcher in Montreal Royals history. That’s the same Jackie Robinson Montreal Royals. Yeah, it’s a really bizarre induction.

    Great manager, but a complete and utter asshole of a human who stopped speaking to his son because he was gay and to this day not only maintains Tommy Lasorda Jr. did not die of AIDS (Tommy Sr. says cancer) but he angrily ends any interviews if his son is mentioned. He’s a great actor as the little jolly roger of baseball, because he’s a dispicable man for the way he abandoned his son, and of course Glenn Burke.

    Hope he recovers

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