Getting Quoted: Quote On

This week we have Brett Lawrie cementing his connection to Toronto, Bill Maher being the owner of a baseball team and Getting Quoted’s first Tebow sighting.

I haven’t met Tim. I hope to in the very near future, he’s probably the most recognizable figure in America right now. We’re from the same area in Jacksonville. I know he comes from a good family.

At first I thought Chipper Jones saying that Tim Tebow is the most recognizable figure in America was ridiculous and it made me laugh. Then I realized that it’s probably true and it made me sad.

I don’t think we’re at the point now where we want to do that, increase replay more than we have. Unless we’re confident that it’s going to be something that will work without any hiccups, we’re not planning to do anything right now.

That’s what Miles Dyson said too, Joe, and look what happened to him. Robot umps will destroy us all. Robot umps are Skynet. You heard it here first.

That’s how it is. That fire, that passion you get in college, I think everybody has it. Everybody looked at me, ‘He’s got eye-black all over his face.’ They didn’t really look at the game side. They looked at other things. I play this game hard. That’s what you’re going to get out of me every single day.

Bryce Harper putting a new spin on “leave it all on the field.” I like it. Especially because he happens to be really, really good on the field.

Brian McNamee’s wife denies nagging

I’m cheating a little bit here as this was a headline and not actually a quote but, I mean, come on. I know that this actually somehow has some bearing on the case but, I mean, this is where we’re at with it? Can it go away forever, please?

I haven’t done it in the last couple years. I want to be healthy and be the best I can be for the team. I don’t want to take a chance of going out and hurting anything trying to entertain folks in the (Derby). That’s why I declined again.

Wow, it’s almost like Josh Hamilton thinks that the Home Run Derby is an utterly meaningless event of which its importance pales in comparison to the regular season. You don’t want to risk getting hurt? Are you worried it might hurt your teams “chances” for a “championship” or something? Don’t you know that the people just want to see you hit some dingers? Get it together, Josh.

Especially after I’ve seen some of the ways money can disappear in recent years. I had my money in Lehman Brothers in 2008, so this looked pretty good, I’m really happy that it’s turned out that this team is good this year, because nobody picked them to be good.

The idea of Bill Maher being a minority owner of a baseball team is so many things – hilarious, amazing, somewhat hypocritical. But I think we can all agree that we need to get some cameras into next year’s owner meetings. I want to see Maher meet Steinbrenner.

He wasn’t coming out. I wasn’t going to take him out, the fight that would have taken place on the mound had I taken him out would have been a bigger story than the no-hitter

Oh, I’m so conflicted. I love the story that is Johan Santana and his no-hitter but an intra-squad brawl between him and Terry Collins is just so enticing. The logical and ridiculous parts of my brain cannot come to an agreement here.

I just thought I’d give it out there just to anybody that could have been in the mall or anybody that needed to get there ASAP, I thought I could give them a good piece of information.

Couple things. 1) The ability of Twitter to break news will never cease to amaze me. And 2) as if Brett Lawire wasn’t already intrinsically tied to Toronto, now he’s involved in our tragedies. That’s not a joke. He’s slowly and not so subtly moving into being a natural part of my city. I don’t know what this means for him, for Toronto or for the Jays. But it’s interesting.

I get in the car and start thinking, `I wish I said this, why didn’t I say that? How could I have messed up a name?’ What do you do? It’s like skywriting. You can’t get it back.

I could seriously listen to Vin Scully talk about broadcasting all day. And there is something about Vin Scully being critical about his work that should be extraordinarily comforting to anyone who puts anything out into the public sphere.