It’s the week’s best baseball GIFs, neatly compiled in one place and ready to wreak havoc on your browser. We lead this instalment with shifty eyed Max Scherzer because, well, it’s probably the best GIF we’re ever going to create.

Flailing bats, dropped balls, barehanded plays, and of course… chewing; here are the rest of the GIFs that made us gasp, guffaw, and groan over the past week.

Silent treatment of the week

Swing and a miss of the week

Carlos Quentin bat flip of the week

Motorboat dream of the week

Yu wanted another swing and a miss, Yu got it

Chew of the week

Barehanded play of the week

ALOLex Rios of the week

Through the legs play of the week

Think about it, dummy (of the week)

Exception of the week

Comments (11)

  1. Will Ohman = giant douche.

  2. De Aza to Rios: “FUCK IT I’LL DO IT MYDAMNSELF.”

  3. What was the context of the “Think about it, dummy” gif? I missed that game.

  4. Fucking Scherzer gif will haunt my dreams.

  5. SICK movement on the Darvish pitch. However,movement or not movement, that swing wasn’t gonna hit anything.

    • I would’ve swung at both of them…and frankly at the location where both Angels swung. The movements on the pitches are UNREAL.

  6. Man that Bobby Valentine is a douche.

    Is there a reason other than being gangster for Freese to pass that ball through his legs?


    love the exception.

  8. That Bobby V gif is the greatest thing!

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