An earned run. It finally happend for Aroldis Chapman. Or perhaps more accurately, it finally happened for opponents of Aroldis Chapman.

The dominant left handed reliever for the Cincinnati Reds, on June 7th, during his 25th appearance and after 29+ innings of work out of the bullpen, gave up his first earned run of the season. It almost seems appropriate that the Pittsburgh Pirates, the least offensive team in baseball by several metrics, should be the one to end Chapman’s streak of cruelty against Major League batters.

Here’s how it happened: Chapman came into the game in the top of the 10th inning with the score tied 4-4. On the seventh pitch to the first batter he faced, the light hitting Clint Barmes, he gave up a ground rule double. This was the first hit Chapman had allowed since May 17. Barmes was followed in the Pirates lineup by Michael McKenry who proceeded to allow a 99 miles per hour fastball to bounce off his bat and somehow reach the gap in right center to score Barmes.

Chapman then proceeded to strike out two of the next three batters while collecting a fly out.

The brilliant streak might be over, but there is no need to fret for fans of the Cuban flame thrower. Chapman’s current 48.7% strike out rate is still on pace to be the highest of all time, while his .042 FIP could be the lowest ever recorded over a full season. Unfortunately, though there is now only one regular reliever in baseball yet to allow an earned run, and that’s 36 year old Scott Downs who hasn’t been blamed for a single run scored against the Los Angeles Angels by the score keepers of the American League. That’s over 23 appearances and more than 20 innings pitched.

Chapman’s earned run hasn’t made this baseball statistic game any less fun either.

I’ll take 2012 MLB Pitchers for $2,000, please Alex.

The answer is: Wandy Rodriguez, Jon Lester, Johnny Cueto, Josh Beckett, Jaime Garcia, Jeremy Hellickson, Jordan Zimmermann, Trevor Cahill and Homer Bailey.

Yes, Dustin.

Who are starting pitchers that have fewer total strike outs than relief pitcher Aroldis Chapman.

Correct. You have the board.

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