That would be Bill Murray, who holds the esteemed position of Director of Fun as the part owner of the Single-A Charleston River Dogs, putting his title to good practice during a rain delay yesterday.

This isn’t the first time that Murray has shown off his base running skills, having slid into Wrigley Field’s home plate before the first pitch at the Chicago Cubs’ home opener earlier this season.

Slip and slide with Big League Stew as thanks for the link.

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  1. Bill Murray earned his Stripes as a legitimate baseball part-owner by showing he has the Meatballs to be the Kingpin, and not just some uninvolved investor watching games from the Caddyshack as the team gets Scrooged.

    • I’m sorry but your comment was Lost in Translation. I expect The Man Who Knew Too Little to be on The Razor’s Edge until Groundhog Day.

      And besides, What About Bob?

      • +1 to Matt E and Kirin each.

        I’m too young to know anything Bill Murray did. I watched Groundhog Day three times a long time after it was made and that’s all I care to know about him.

    • With all these bath salt scares going around I’m worried it might turn into a Zombieland…

      That works right?

  2. Man I love him in Kingpin

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