Santos And McGowan Suffer Setbacks

When the Toronto Blue Jays acquired Sergio Santos from the Chicago White Sox, they not only received a pitcher capable of anchoring their bullpen, but also an incredibly team friendly contract. A third of the way through the 2012 season, Blue Jays fans haven’t experienced much in terms of the first part of that equation due to the pitcher’s shoulder injury. However, Santos’ contract gives the reliever all the time in the world to heal up properly because it’s broken down in this absolutely no reason to rush fashion:

  • 2012: $1 million;
  • 2013: $2.75 million;
  • 2014: $3.75 million;
  • 2015: $6 million (club option w/ $750,000 buyout);
  • 2016: $8 million (club option w/ $750,000 buyout);
  • 2017: $8.75 million (club option w/ $750,000 buyout).

So, while it’s bad news to learn that Santos has suffered yet another setback in his recovery, it’s much preferred to the alternative which might be to rush back as a means of improving his likelihood of a better pay day ahead of 2013. This is also the only justification that one can use for the three years, $4.1 million contract the Blue Jays handed the oft injured Dustin McGowan, who unsurprisingly, has also had his rehabilitation plan altered because of tightness and discomfort in his shoulder.

There remains no timeline for the return of either pitcher to the active roster.

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  1. Mike Sirotka redux?

  2. I have a feeling this Santos thing will end in some terrible, torn-labrum fashion that will have him missing much of 2013 as well. I really hope they’ve checked the shoulder and elbow out with every possible test to determine he doesn’t need surgery.

  3. This is what I keep telling myself with regards to Santos, but this DL stint has been frustrating as hell regardless. Especially when you consider those awkward comments about a month ago about pitching through pain from Santos and Farrell

  4. So Blue Jays news written by Parkes no longer goes on DJF?

  5. you have wonder about the medical staff of the jays that couldn’t see any injury to santos and mcgowan. and you have to question alex’s judgement. 4 mil is still 4mil that could have been spent more wisely. mcgowan is 30. how many good years did they think he has left? for a team that constantly says they put a value on picks and wont go above it, to just throw away money on an injured pitcher is ridiculous

    • “you have wonder about the medical staff of the jays that couldn’t see any injury to santos and mcgowan.’

      I’m not touching McGowan (the Jays knew what they were getting into there), but you’re assuming there was an injury to Santos in the first place.

      It sucks either way, but I’m sure they did their due diligence.

  6. note to alex: do not do any more trades with kenny. he is a swindler who has no equal

    • Sirotka, Sirotka, Sirotka Sirotka, Sirotka, Sirotka Sirotka, Sirotka, Sirotka…

      AA hope you got that!

  7. This is maddening. At first didn’t even seem injured, just being cautious with a new “asset.” Now it’s setbacks. Let’s just fast forward to the surgery and quit farting around.

  8. Parkes. Can you clarify your opinion on the McGowan contract. I don’t think you’ve been clear on that point. :)

  9. Predictions:
    1) How long until they need to see Dr. James Andrews?
    2) Who will need to see him first?

  10. Are there still people who think Dustin McGowan is going to pitch effectively for the Toronto Blue Jays someday? That’s cute.

  11. +1000, Why is this happening ? It never happened before!

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