Vladimir Guerrero has given the Toronto Blue Jays his resignation with the hope that the team will either call him up or accept it. Spanish language journalist Hector Gomez spoke with Guerrero, who said the following:

Promises made to me were not fulfilled. I am not a child. One day I heard one thing and the next day another. I left the team, right now I am at home in Anaheim. I was not treated as a professional. I am not a boy. I proved that I’m ready, I have nothing more to prove in the minors with the numbers that I put. Last night after the game I sent my letter of resignation to the organization. I am not a boy. I demand respect. Let me make it clear I did not take this decision lightly, and had warned it would if I was not satisfied.

According to Gomez, the team has been given a deadline of 1:30 PM today to promote Guerrero to the Major League club, or accept his resignation.

There was also are report earlier that Guerrero had given the Blue Jays an ultimatum to call him up or let him go. This, following his four for five performance in last night’s Triple A game in Las Vegas. The ESPN report quoted a source as saying:

Vlad and the Blue Jays had a sort of deadline to upload it to the majors and the time passed without that happening.The Blue Jays have to decide today if they want it or not, but Guerrero will not return to the minor leagues.

It was previously believed that Guerrero might be retiring because according to Mike Wilner of Sportsnet Radio, the rumours that started spreading last night about Guerrero’s future in baseball, or rather lack thereof, were true.

Such news made sense. Prior to last night’s game, Guerrero had been a shell of his former self in his brief Minor League audition at Triple A Las Vegas, collecting only six hits from 30 plate appearances, while drawing zero walks. Perhaps worst of all though, is that he’s looked incredibly ugly doing so. It was one thing for Guerrero to swing at pitches when he had no business doing so in his twenties, but in his mid to late thirties, the former slugger simply isn’t making the same type of contact that he once did.

However, shortly after word of his retirement began to spread, both Jon Heyman and Ken Rosenthal reported that Guerrero may not be finished quite yet.

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  1. well that opens up a spot for snider/thames/lind/gose/sierra in due time

  2. Thus ends the gravy train for the 5 baby mommas and 8 kids as reported by TMZ.

  3. Did he not just go 4-5 last night or something? People talk as if he’s trying to come back after a few horrible years and keep his career alive…he batted .290 with 13 homers last year. Far from falling off..

  4. wilner is telling lies then to screw with us

  5. I can not imagine the Jays setting a precident by caving in to a minor league player’s demands. (Even if Vlad would help us, which is doubtful) If I were AA, I would immediately release hiim. You can not call out the team like that and expect them to give in to you.

  6. Vlad went 4-5 last night (with a triple) according to milb.com.

    • spraying the ball to all fields, too

      • Against minor league talent. I can go 6/6 on a slo-pitch field, but that doesn’t mean I should be in MLB.

        • Yeah, there’s a difference between AAA and a softball beer league…

          • I get that.

            My response (which got slotted into the wrong spot) was supposed to be to a post Mr. Parkes made (and has since deleted, interestingly enough) where he stated Guerrero didn’t go 4-5 and hadn’t played since the 9th.

  7. There are a bunch of players on the 51′s who are hitting better than Vlad, AND they can play defense – he’s not exactly in an ideal position to be offering this kind of ultimatum.

  8. +1 for updates.

    Vlad will not go out like this. He still thinks he can swing the bat and therefore play in the major leagues again. I think Vlad is stubborn and will see this through. Not to say he won’t enact an ultimatum once interleague play is done.

  9. Lol, that is probably the most childish, entitled statement I have ever read. “I’m not a Child” says the child.

    • he’s a millionaire, future hall of famer.. he has nothing to prove in the minor leagues except that he is in game shape..

      if he feels he’s proven that, then the organization should have called him up.. why else did you sign him for? So that vegas is better??

      and just to be clear, I thought the signing was stupid to begin with, he doesn’t offer anything Gomes or Cooper doesn’t already give us, plus with less defensive flexibility.

      but you make the signing, he proves he’s in shape, you call him up.

      • He’s hit .214/.233/.286 in Vegas. He has something very important to prove in the minor leagues: that he can still hit. He failed to do that, so why should the Blue Jays have called him up?

      • “he has nothing to prove in the minor leagues except that he is in game shape.”

        Adam Lind and Travis Snider (and basically all of the Jays’ other prospects/fringe players) rake it in Vegas.

        If Lind can hit .400 in that park while Vlad can’t break .250, why should we think Vlad is remotely close to being able to contribute in the bigs? He’s hitting worse than a younger player who just cleared waivers.

  10. Be a man. Your major league equivalency from the PCL numbers are .173/.195/.283, You’re like the 5th in line at this point.

  11. What a mess. This makes Vlad look like a knob. Sure he went 4-5 yesterday, but it wasn’t like he was completely destroying the PCL – which is a hitter’s environment to begin with. I don’t think he’s really in a position of leverage here, so it probably won’t end well for him.

  12. So, where does Big Vladdy resurface?

    Does Tampa ride the cheap-formerly-elite-veteran train one more time?
    Is Philly desperate enough for offence to let this man play the field?
    Do the Dodgers finally realize that just about anyone is better than James Loney?

    Find out on the next episode of “Vladdy Knows Best” (alternate title: “Vlad Touch”

  13. LOLWUT. “Promises made to me were not fulfilled” – that’s pretty hard to believe considering AA’s official line to the media was always, “We aren’t making him any promises”.

    • To be honest, I’m getting more and more skeptical about what AA tells the media and what is actually going on. There are a couple of times where I’ve thought “buddy, you’re venturing into JPR territory here…”. His approach with the media has to get better I think; the fans get a lot of their AA exposure from the media and he has to start being a little more transparent.

      • I dunno, seems pretty clear cut in this case: AA did exactly what he told the media he would do. He said Vlad had no guarantees, had to earn his way onto the club by working his way up through the minor leagues and performing well.

        He hit .214/.233/.286 in Vegas. He didn’t earn his way onto the club, period.

  14. Is there anything else we should read into this? My concern is the “promises” part described above. It seems that the Jays have been on the receiving end of some criticism in that regard before – Omar Vizquel was quoted as saying that he thought he’d be getting more playing time if he made the big club; last year Frank Fransisco complained about not having the role he was initially promised; Adam Lind said he was jerked around a little in his demotion; finally, I remember something from last year about Adam Loewen also not getting the chances he was told he’d get. If all of these are true (and if it’s true that Vlad was promised certain things when he signed and didn’t get them) it doesn’t bode well for free agents coming here, does it? Words gets around – if the Jays are playing fast and loose with the careers of players who take a chance coming here, it could cause problems down the road.

    • The other connection between those players is that they were all playing badly when they made those comments. AA is trying to win baseball games here, not be a full-time ego fluffer

    • Key quotes from AA when the Jays signed Vlad:

      “It’s strictly a matter of, there’s no such thing as a bad Minor League contract,” Anthopoulos said in a conference call about Guerrero, a nine-time All-Star. “There’s no guarantees on behalf of the club. There is no financial commitment. … We continue to look for depth in all areas whenever we can. Any time we have a chance to get someone on a Minor League contract, we almost always explore it because you never know if someone can get lighting in a bottle.”

      We’re not adding anybody to the Major League roster,” Anthopoulos said. “This isn’t someone right now that we’re prepared to say is going to be up in Toronto. I have no idea how he’s going to look, how’s he going to perform, how he’s going to play. … There is no risk and no downside and at a minimum it provides depth. Certainly, there’s the upside that he could play very well and be a factor for us.”

      He added Guerrero would have to work himself through the system before joining the club.

      It sure doesn’t sound like “promises were made”. It sounds like Vlad heard what he wanted to hear, rather than what the Blue Jays actually said.

      • And let’s remember: his line in Vegas was .214/.233/.286. He had a nice game last night, but overall he’s been terrible. He’s done absolutely nothing to earn a call to the big leagues.

      • +2 to davehasopinions. You’re absolutely right. AA is here to win.

        +1 to Ty. Raking today.

        -1 to Julius. We may have jerked around bad players but this is the first instance where I heard AA hasn’t been up front with a player. Transparency is great for the media not necessarily for the baseball club. Ty provided the evidence and you may now eat your words. Also, never compare JPR to AA ever again. You, sir, are the definition of ungrateful.

        I was a bit harsh there at the end. However, in my opinion, your opinion sucks.

      • +1 to this. If that’s what Anthopoulos said to the media it can’t have been a secret from Guererro, although obviously none of us know what was said to him directly. The deal CLEARLY stood on whether Vlad could actually hit in the minors, and if he can’t, well, why the hell would the Jays call him up? He plays baseball. He knows how this works. The whole situation is very weird.

    • Too bad the Jays are getting such a bad reputation among all of the crappy baseball players. Now crappy baseball players won’t want to play for Toronto. Darn!

    • So basically, washed-up players feel entitled to be treated like royalty, while better players take their spots. How is this surprising? Have you seen Bull Durham?

    • Anyone else think of John Buck, apparently “promised” the starter’s role, and playing every day when JPA rotted on the bench 2 Septembers ago? How’d that end up playing out? Buck’s not here anymore, and JPA is the starter now.

      Most players should know the game is a business, and a lot of those guys who are griping are guys who didn’t hold up their end of the bargain. If you’re playing crappy, how can you be surprised if you’re demoted/benched/have your role changed?

      I hope it’s not a promise that’s keeping Coco Cordero in high leverage innings.

  15. Yes, this is the cure for what ails the Jays right now. A washed up Christmas Ham of a slugger who is a complete and utter shell of his former self, is barely mobile and has some legitimate entitlement issues.

    Stay in Anaheim and look after you 35 children.

  16. God forbid we give him a try over Yan Gomes and Omar Vizquel and Mike McCoy.

    • All three of those can play the field, and we’re in the middle of interleague with no permanent dh slot.

  17. “I am not a child” said the person who, not getting what they want fast enough for their liking, decided to take their ballglove, leave the team and go home.


  18. I agree that he’s acting like a child, he made it public… so fuck him.
    But the Blue Jays must have told him he’d be up by this date; he wasn’t so now he wants to be called up or released. It’s understandable that he doesn’t want to play in the minors anymore, he’s a future hall of famer. He must feel he can sign with another team. But airing it out in public, especially when all you hear is how good of a team mate he is… is fucking childish.

    We can’t call him up. I mean what would that show to the rest of the team.
    If your pissed off: complain about it in public and we’ll meet your demands… hell no.
    I cannot see how this get’s resolved now without him getting his release… Their hands are tied.

  19. “I am not a child”

    wait who said that, vlad or dustin?

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