Vladimir Guerrero has given the Toronto Blue Jays his resignation with the hope that the team will either call him up or accept it. Spanish language journalist Hector Gomez spoke with Guerrero, who said the following:

Promises made to me were not fulfilled. I am not a child. One day I heard one thing and the next day another. I left the team, right now I am at home in Anaheim. I was not treated as a professional. I am not a boy. I proved that I’m ready, I have nothing more to prove in the minors with the numbers that I put. Last night after the game I sent my letter of resignation to the organization. I am not a boy. I demand respect. Let me make it clear I did not take this decision lightly, and had warned it would if I was not satisfied.

According to Gomez, the team has been given a deadline of 1:30 PM today to promote Guerrero to the Major League club, or accept his resignation.

There was also are report earlier that Guerrero had given the Blue Jays an ultimatum to call him up or let him go. This, following his four for five performance in last night’s Triple A game in Las Vegas. The ESPN report quoted a source as saying:

Vlad and the Blue Jays had a sort of deadline to upload it to the majors and the time passed without that happening.The Blue Jays have to decide today if they want it or not, but Guerrero will not return to the minor leagues.

It was previously believed that Guerrero might be retiring because according to Mike Wilner of Sportsnet Radio, the rumours that started spreading last night about Guerrero’s future in baseball, or rather lack thereof, were true.

Such news made sense. Prior to last night’s game, Guerrero had been a shell of his former self in his brief Minor League audition at Triple A Las Vegas, collecting only six hits from 30 plate appearances, while drawing zero walks. Perhaps worst of all though, is that he’s looked incredibly ugly doing so. It was one thing for Guerrero to swing at pitches when he had no business doing so in his twenties, but in his mid to late thirties, the former slugger simply isn’t making the same type of contact that he once did.

However, shortly after word of his retirement began to spread, both Jon Heyman and Ken Rosenthal reported that Guerrero may not be finished quite yet.