That’s A Clown Question, Bro

It seems that neither Bryce Harper, nor the Washington Nationals public relations staff have very much time for questions involving the completely legal enjoyment of an adult beverage by a 19 year old American in Canada. That’s their loss.

Our gain is Harper’s 100% authentic response to a question asking him if he was going to enjoy a celebratory beer following tonight’s win over the Toronto Blue Jays.

I’m not answering that. That’s a clown question, bro.

And with that, Harper gives us the best comeback to any question that comes our way for the rest of time.

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  1. He was ready to name his 15 favourite beers, in order, when that boring asshole from the PR staff piped in

  2. Was that The Score’s guy who asked that??

    • It appears that Harper is looking at the guy with the Apple iPhone microphone. If it is the Score guy then I cannot defend this establishment any more.

      Also, why does The Score guy waddle the microphone so much?

    • Did anyone confirm this?

  3. Hey Bryce, you’re American, can you please talk about our country please.

  4. Is he humourless about this because of the PR guy off-screen, or because he’s a Mormon? Seems like a tailor made soundbite question.

  5. Sometimes there’s nothing I can do but shake my head at Americans who take their own country’s rules more seriously than the one they’re in. Too bad for him.

    • The concern is that him saying that he likes to drink beer, or that he has a favorite beer, would imply that he has had beer in the past (and if he has a favorite beer, presumably more than once), and this most likely would have been in the states where it would be illegal for him to do so.

  6. Really….i couldn’t agree with Bryce any more….ask real questions, ask baseball questions…asking a question like that, and a few of the other ones too (asking who initiated the silent treatment after his HR, etc…) are all really lame, unprofessional, weak-ass questions.

    You could tell he was doing everything he could not to just walk away at how pathetic those questions are. I’m sure he was thinking “Man, Canadian journalists ask the dumbest questions!!”

    • +1, the issue isn’t about drinking age, or american/canadian laws, it’s about relevancy – it was a total clown question and good on bryce to call him out

      • Clown question? There’s absolutely nothing wrong with trying to reveal a guy’s character beyond the game. Like it or not, people want to connect with their celebs. It’s part of being a major leaguer. All he needed to say was no comment in order to keep an anal retentive MLB happy. If anything, the question confirms that Harper’s somewhat douchy reputation preceeds him.

  7. He’s just parroting what the P.R. guy says. I’m pretty sure he says the exact words “Clown Question Bro” at 0:11 before Harper repeats it and frankly everyone comes off really lame in this video.

  8. Bryce & PR guy is right. That was a very stupid question.

  9. I love the idea that the reporter sat up in the press box for the whole game and as soon as Bryce went deep he clapped his hands and went “Yes! I can totally ask the beer question when I get down there!”

    And then on the way down to the scrum he made extra sure to get near the front, and then nearly jumped out of his shoes to get his question in first, absolutely confident that he was the guy who was going to ask the question that gets full-belly laughs from everyone else in the scrum. Old veteran reporters patting him on the back and going “Good show, my boy!” and Bryce would maybe hear the question and be like “Oh wow bro you’re totally right, I didn’t even realize I could drink here. Maybe you and I should go get that drink together” and then Bryce and that reporter make up a secret handshake on the spot and Harper goes out and totally gets that guy laid.

    Except the exact opposite of that is what actually went down.

    • This would have been my line of reasoning. How could I not get laid hanging out at the booze can with the Bryster, bra?

  10. I bet Lawrie had a brewskey at 19!! Bryce was being a bit of a tight ass. Hey, its baseball bro, not brain surgery. So the guy asked a funny question. After the standard 1,000 same old questions maybe it is a nice change. Ask a Canadian hockey guy a funny question and you probably get a smile and a fun answer.

  11. It didn’t help that the reporter was wearing a red nose, floppy shoes and doing a little dance while asking.

  12. Yeah I don’t really see what the big deal is like he can legally drink if he wants to, why not try and catch lightning in a bottle? but no everything has to be “serious bro”. And who says “bro” anymore anyway?

  13. I’m starting to warm up to the kid. He has shown the ability to provide cliche answers to the Sportsnet post-game reporter’s idiotic questions and now he handles the whole legal drinking age question with a smackdown.

    Get Drew in there to answer some intelligent baseball questions for fucks sakes. Those hockey reporters are really annoying.

  14. Bryce is obviously aware of the constant fire that some players on the Washington Capitals receive from the DC media regarding “partying too much.” Harper handled this intelligently and dodged a bullet (albeit a very slow-movine one).

  15. Pretty sure that Harper wouldn’t have a drink, legally or otherwise. His family doesn’t use alcohol and he’s very much into “healthy” eating and drinking.

  16. Harper – along with Strasburg, Lawrie and Trout – is one of the 4 players I follow most closely and am most excited about. But what an assholish response. It was a good-natured question. Just chuckle and move on. Of course, it’s not like he wasn’t known as a bit of a dick to begin with…

  17. He’s a mor(on)mon? Sweet, now I have a legit reason to dislike him.

  18. asking a question like that is totally in-line with a society that beget SCTV. / John Candy.

    you’ll be oh-so-serious about this incident now, and then probably find some similar joke event in some interview back in ’85, baseball or otherwise, and laugh yourself up. but its ok in that case because is nostalgia??


    what does bryce harper think he is…like his ‘job’ is actually serious? Like it means something? Its fun..we all love it….but seriously…you play a game for millions of dollars. whatever jokes and stupid questions come your way are fair game man. you have no leg to stand on to argue that your ‘job’ is sooooo serious that any question is ridiculous. they can be stupid, and you can answer as such, but also rolling with it and making a joke would be equally if not more valid as well.

  19. FYI, SCTV is really bad.

  20. The score guy did ask the who initiated the silent treatment after the home run? It happens all the time!

  21. These are all clown comments, bra

    • That seems ok: nobody is getting paid to comment. Reporters claim to be “professionals” so they have to be adults.

  22. You have to watch the video to get the gist of how he said it. Some may read that he replied with “that’s a clown question, bro” and take it that he was defensive and/or mean about it. You can tell from the video that (a) the ‘reporter’ stumbled on the question and drew it out for too long (b) the Nats PR guy tries in the background to blow it off first and that Harper hears that, then (c) Harper tries to offer “I’m not answering that” which wouldn’t have been a blogworthy response and only after all that clarifies his ‘no comment’ type reply with the reason as to why he wouldn’t answer it, thus reiterating what the Nats PR guy said earlier…that it’s a clown question. The “bro” was thrown in to soften the harshness of the retort and to keep things light.

    I also analyzed the Zapruder films if you’d like my commentary on that, too.

  23. Hey guys today’s my birthday!

  24. This bro has clown hair

  25. Well, seeing as the guy is a Mormon, it’s a pretty crass question by a journo who has not done his homework.

    Other Mormons: Alan Ashby, Roy Halladay, Jacoby Ellsbury, John Buck, Kyle Farnsworth.

    Seemed like he dealth with the question just fine – perfectly polite way of telling someone to mind their own business – which is better than either yes or no.

    • All he had to say was “no I’m a Mormon” Kid’s played 30 sum games , who know what religion he is. Can off like a dick to me.

      • its Bryce Harper, if you care anything about baseball and pay attention to it, you’d practically know the guy’s life story.

        • What’s your point? That Mormons are intollerant, humourless dickheads? I beg to differ on the generalization, but Harper himself certainly falls into that category.

          • And Wayne you are just an uneducated fat fuck of an alcoholic that likes to ridicule people his whole life and will die with out a friend…..

  26. Given that a quick internet search on Harper reveals him as a practicing Mormon, this is definitely a clown question, bro.

    If asked this, I am guessing that Halladay would’ve just bored a hole through the reporter with his eyes.

  27. Bryce Harper: That’s a clown question, bro.

    Brett Lawrie: Oh yeah eh, I am going to shotgun a couple cans of Vitamin P (molson pilsner), eh. Maybe grab a couple forties of OE and play some Edward 40-hands, eh. Just f’n giver eh.

  28. Harmless question, albeit a rather stupid one.

    Wouldn’t expect a different answer or even a witty response from a Mormon though.

  29. He said y’know 37 times.

  30. how was this not a clown question? The reporter asked Harper to name his favorite beers! That would force him to admit that 1) he drinks beer which is against his Mormon beliefs and 2) he drinks while under-age. He’s a much smarter guy that Brett Lawrie and made the right call to not even give that reporter a ‘no comment’.

    Good call by the PR guy to try to step in too.

  31. I don’t see why that post-game interview was worthy of its own header. Much ado about nothing. Boring, really.

  32. Is hockey finished yet?

  33. Hahaha, they had a big section of Colin Cowherd’s show dedicated to this exact story. Cowherd thought it was a great idea to have a beer in a country where it’s legal, but all of his American call-ins thought it would be a knock against his image. Apparently one beer means you’re a raging alcoholic. Plus he’s mormon.. which makes me want to laugh because I hate Mitt Romney.

  34. Should have asked him about his magic-mormon underwear. What a nutso religion.

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