… ass.” It’s ass. This is what Johnny Damon’s wife (seen above) threatened to kick: The ass of a fan seated behind her, who according to Charles Wirtz Jr.’s Instagram feed was heckling Mr. Damon throughout last night’s Cleveland Indians and Cincinnati Reds game.

I imagine the air in Cincinnati has this effect on people because it was hardly the only war of words to break out during the Battle of Ohio.

Etiquette tip: There is absolutely nothing more refined than pointing your beer bottle at the person with whom you’re speaking.

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  1. Is it okay if I call bullshit on this? Johnny Damon’s wife had a baby less than two weeks ago!

  2. Adopted two babies. Adopted.

    And that’s for sure her in those pictures. Plus, they are loaded. She probably has an army of nannies. Nothing wrong with that.

    I would really like a show down between her and Dallas Latos.

  3. I think I’d find it pretty hard to stay silent if someone was heckling my wife at their job all day and I had to endure it. Yep, fans are entitled. Yep, they get paid millions. But people is people, and I get the anger.

  4. “There is absolutely nothing more refined than pointing your beer bottle at the person with whom you’re speaking.”


    • *points beer bottle*
      You!!… *hic*… You don’t know! *hic*…. Man…. You don’t…. you just….. don’t…. *hic* *drool*

  5. Good for her, although I’m assuming she just stays away from Fenway Park at this point in her husband’s career.

  6. to quote 1992 Bart Simpson “Mom, they’re professional athletes, they’re used to this kind of thing, it rolls right off their back!”

  7. I was in attendance at this game, seated three rows ahead of this particular incident as it was happening. The fan was indeed heckling Johnny throughout the game (without using profanity), paying particular reference to his lackluster batting average. In the middle of the game, Mrs. Damon walked up to his seat (taking her time, as she was properly clad in three-inch wedges, several rings/bracelets, and shorts suited for a high school cheerleader), and proceeded to make several socioeconomic comments and threats toward the fan. After quite the amusing argument, security was called and they asked to see the fan’s ticket, which he properly produced (seeing as he actually paid for his ticket – a hassle of which I’m sure Mrs. Damon was not burdened with).

    I honestly would have asked security to escort HER from the game had I been in the fan’s situation, as she was more disruptive than his heckling. (And the day when heckling a player’s poor performance is no longer acceptable at the ballpark is the day when croquet becomes our nation’s national pass time.) Being an Indians fan, I personally think Mr. Damon is a fantastic athlete in a down year, but if his wife can’t handle heckling at a ballpark, maybe they should consider an alternate career path.

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