Lookin’ Under The Bridge

With headlines like this, who needs stories:

Of course, this raises the following very good question: What does Mike Trout have to do to start getting linked to the New York Yankees in six years? I mean, come on, guys.

I get it. There are obvious reasons why Harper would be linked to the Yankees before Trout. Harper was on the cover of Sports Illustrated when he was 16 years old, he was the first overall draft pick, and most importantly, he would rank high on the Nana Index. And don’t even get me started on the East Coast bias.

However, let’s not forget about Mike Trout. He’s every bit equally deserving, if not moreso, of being linked to the Yankees in six years.

Note: I’m not going to link to the piece of shit in question. If you’d like to read it, you can Google the headline and I’m sure it will come up.

Photshop courtesy of Scott Lewis.

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  1. My favourite comment on the article: “This is like the Cliff Lee thing…100% he is signing with Yanks. Then he leaves us at the alter and we were stuck with Garcia and Colon. I can’t get excited about a kid who has exactly 7 HRs in his big league career and isn’t a free agent for 6 years. Come on Marchand, even you should be better than this.”

    If you can’t get excited about Bryce Harper what kind of soulless ghoul are you?!

  2. I’m pretty sure that about a minute ago, that picture was mirrored. Either that, or Chrome is messing with my head, or I need to sleep more.

  3. It’s ESPN New York. All they do is write fluffy garbage and jerk off the Yankees, just like ESPN Boston jerks off the Sox, ESPN Chicago jerks off the Cubs, etc. They can’t even be critical of the teams they cover in any of the major sports, let alone baseball.

  4. Hey! That’s the guy who went on with Tim Kurkjian and predicted that the Blue Jays would have the worst record in baseball a few years back…before the 2010 season I think?

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