Earlier this week on the Getting Blanked Show, we sung the praises of Alex Rodriguez. We went out onto a highly precarious limb, noting he must be included as one one of the very best players in the history of the game, stacking up incredible numbers over his 19-year career.

In that time, Alex Rodriguez learned a little something about picking your battles. After offering the highest praise available for Bryce Harper (“I’d pay to watch him play”) in an interview with the New York Post, A-Rod delivers some straight truth on Stephen Strasburg.

When informed that he won’t get to face the Nationals fireballer in this weekend’s series in Washington, Rodriguez wasn’t exactly broken up about it:

“I don’t need to see it that close,’’ Rodriguez said. “He has a power arm and a guy who misses barrels.”

Awesome. Nothing wrong with a little conscientious objection to Strasmas for an opposing player. His comments on Harper are interesting as well, as A-Rod knows a thing or two about playing in the big leagues while still a teenager. Worth a click, for sure.

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  1. What a dickwad.

    • I agree 100,000.9999% with Danny.

    • Look, A-Rod is an awkward guy. He seems to crave attention, and then has no idea how to act in the spotlight. He’s the only player I’ve ever seen who can make a playoff walk-off homerun look awkward. He has a picture of himself as a centaur. But I don’t see how you can deny he’s one of the greatest ever. Let’s calm down with the hate

  2. I must be missing something silly. What does a-rod mean by “a guy who misses barrels”? Obviously he means a bat barrel, but I’m clearly out to lunch here.

    enlighten me please!

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