It’s that time of the week when baseball, irreverence and bootleg video capture software come together for the greater good of the internet. It’s the Getting Blanked GIFs of the week. We lead with a shot of two vainglorious young men colliding on a play at third base, simply because the world did not collapse upon impact.

Here are the rest of the GIFs that made us gasp, guffaw, and groan over the past week.

Vom of the week

Crawl before you ball of the week

Wait, he’s not done yet of the week

Hardest hit balls of the week

Broken bat home run of the week

Thou shall not steal of the week

Brett Lawrie reaction of the week

Get that man a uniform of the week

The greatest catch of F.P. Santangelo’s career

Swing and a miss of the week

The exception of the week

h/t NotGraphs for directing our attention to the Austin Kearns kitty incident