He’s Back

I remember the moment quite clearly. I felt a little bit ill, but exaggerated it enough to get out of going to school. This was something that I did often, especially during my kindergarten years, but not so frequently as to draw suspicion from my parents that I had a horribly underdeveloped immune system. It was just enough to take advantage of the situation.

You see, growing up, the standard treatment for an illness in my house was laying down on the couch in the living room, a blanket over top of my legs, a T.V. tray beside me and day time television playing for my enjoyment. It was better than going to class in every way.

Anyway, in this particular instance of legal truancy, I was watching Fred Penner’s Place, for which I was probably too old, but even shows geared more toward my younger siblings was preferable to watching a Canadian made game show like Bumper Stumpers. I was barely paying attention, probably sorting baseball cards, and then suddenly this came on:

It caught my attention. The tune resonated with me. And even though it was the first time I’d ever heard it, I was humming along. I didn’t really realize it at first, but an hour after the segment of the show aired, the song was still in my head. I was still humming it.

Later, by the time I had been miraculously cured of any ailment, which oddly coincided with dinner’s arrival on the dining room table, it was still there. The tune, much like the cat of the lyrics, just wouldn’t go away. The next day at school, still there. The day after and the day after that: yep, not going anywhere.

More than two decades later, the briefest mention of something undesirable coming back to where it departed is enough for the song to begin playing in my head and not leave, until like a headache stopping it’s simply not there … or more accurately, it awaits in hiding, ready to pop up again from my subconscious.

Oliver Perez, who once signed a three year contract worth $36 million with the New York Mets, was called up to the Major Leagues by the Seattle Mariners on Saturday evening. He is on the active roster of a Major League Baseball team. He has come back, once again.