His Name’s Brett Lawrie

After being down at Rogers Center over the weekend and witnessing Brett Lawrie fanaticism first hand, I wonder if Call Me Maybe isn’t too irreverent of a song to parody in honour of the Toronto Blue Jays third baseman. If such things were up to me, I think I would’ve chosen an old religious hymn like How Great Thou Art or perhaps it would be best to just lay prostrate and hum in a low and dulcet tone while pictures of Lawrie in all of his defensive glory flash on screen.

Merci beaucoup to YouTube user Jonah8264 for the video.

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  1. I think this is appropriately douchey for a Brett Lawrie tribute… wow..

  2. well thats a whole lot of awful

  3. Ok the picture of Lawrie with the Baby is just awesome….

    • I had to go back for a second look at that watch. If I ever have a kid I’m throwing it at Brett Lawrie, we’ll really see how soft his hands are then.

  4. nice, monster shout out to Carley Rae Jepsen! Her and Brett Lawrie would be Canadian Royalty, lets make it happen

  5. Ah man.. now I have to know this exists.

  6. That was really brutal. really really brutal.

  7. odd day when there’s more new content on djf then on getting blanked so far. even if it is drew posting on djf

  8. Lol, good ole parodies. I liked the bit about poking infield singles (Hit a fucking home run, damn you!!) but I wish they had worked in something about getting caught stealing over and over again.

  9. The day has come. The first truly terrible Carly Rae Jepsen meme.

  10. Hahahahahahaha it scares me how much I enjoy this. I think Parkes and Stoeten’s hate for Lawrie-mania makes me love Lawrie even more

  11. AMAZING!

    One thing that would made it better, though. Instead of “He’s hitting lead off without a worry” –> “He’s hitting lead off, and drinking 40s”

  12. Oh the passion…..oh what a douche.

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