Roger Clemens Found Not Guilty

After over seven weeks of testimony and millions of dollars of taxpayers’ money spent prosecuting the former Major League pitcher, Roger Clemens has been found not guilty on all all charges in the government’s perjury case against him.

If this is meaningful in any way whatsoever to you, I advise you to go outside, enjoy some sunshine, introduce yourself to others, make friends, sign up for a course, join a recreational sports league … do something other than what you’re doing right now because you are doing it very, very wrong.

To analyze and summarize the entire trial:

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  1. while I could less about the steroid issue in this instance, an accusation that someone committed perjury is not a waste of time.

    I also don’t understand how some Canadians are all bent out of shape over the waste of US taxpayer money.

    • It’s called empathy, and it’s mixed with not giving two shits about nationalism. Maybe if you went outside a little bit more or joined a social club you’d understand.

      • I’ve been reading you “guys” for many years and enjoying it. I comment maybe once a month. Thanks for the attack.

        btw, while it may be “empathy” I know many Americans who take perjury seriously and would support such an investigation….even it revolves around “a game”

    • that’s a clown question, bro?

  2. Ass blood never lies.

  3. Oh.

    Well, anyway. Just checking in… back to reading Saga of the Swamp Thing.

  4. Millions of people who have harmed nobody have been incarcerated for drug offenses. Tens of thousands have been killed in enforcement-related violence. Prohibition forces production and sales underground, exposing users to greater health risks as a result of product impurity, and safety risks as a result of having to deal with people who don’t have the option of calling the police if they feel, even erroneously, they’ve been cheated. The monetary cost of all this is estimated at $40 billion annually in the US alone.

    But by all means, go on telling people taking an interest in how the state conducts itself with regard to controlled substance investigations they just need to go outside more and join social clubs, in the very same thread where you attempt to lecture someone else about empathy.

    • I’m not clear here.
      You seem to be arguing that the current drug enforcement system is not work and many people are suffering as a result.
      And yet you’re also arguing that this case against Clemens was a GOOD use of resources, given all that?
      Am I understanding you correctly?

      • Not at all. That there even was a case is unjustifiable. I’m arguing there’s cause to care about that, given the grave consequences of the drug prohibition culture this was part of, contra Mr. Parkes’s dismissiveness about the subject.

  5. Like good old Alex Jones would say

    “it’s all a distraction designed to keep you from the truth”

    Part of me wonders if this is true.

  6. maybe they could just put an asterisk next to the “not guilty”?

    • that….is… awesome suggestion!!!

      thank you for making this story worth reading….yes, please, put an asterisk next to it!!!

      gold Jerry, gold!

  7. And this is how Clemens reacted towards McNamee after the verdict was read…

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