Justin Upton has, over the course of his young career, provided great defense from the Arizona Diamonbacks outfield. His name appears among the OF leaders in UZR every season, and he’s 15th in UZR/150 from 2009-2012.

All the advanced metrics in the world, above average range, and cannon of an arm are no match for the bright centre of the universe. Even for a guy like Upton. So blame it on the sun, man.

The only other explanation for Upton’s outfield gaffe from Sunday would be that he came down with a sudden case of MLB 2K9 outfield ability.

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  1. Our sun is not the centre of the universe. Nice gif’s though.

    • Figurative bright centre. GIFs not GIF’s.

      “Watch out what you do, and watch out what you say. He might take it literally, he might take it liter-ally!”

      • “My god, it’s full of stars.”

        Thanks for the apostrophe tip! I had been doing that to acronyms for years….

  2. Seemed like he watched it (as best as he could) hit the foul line and hoped for the best. The Sun is pretty amazing, though. I love the Sun.

  3. I have the urge to like the sun on Facebook.

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