I’m not really one for sentimental bullshit, but I’m certain there are some among the Getting Blanked readership who really want to see geriactric former members of the Montreal Expos hobble around a baseball diamond in Quebec while pansy pop blares in the background.

For them, I offer this video¬†from the final day of the 1981 Montreal Expos reunion which was held this past weekend. Part of the festivities included renaming Ballantyne park in Dorval, Quebec after former Expos catcher Gary Carter, who passed away earlier this year.¬†The Expos christened the new Gary Carter Park by holding a baseball clinic for kids, something for which even my cynicism can’t penetrate.

For more on the Expos reunion celebraish, check out Dave Kaufman’s radio chat with Ellis Valentine, Jonah Keri, Annakin Slayd and Ben Christensen.

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  1. I’m not sure why you’d find fault with former pro ballplayers giving back to the city that made them stars, but hey, suit yourself. Would it be different if it would be ex-Jays and the team had been yanked away from T.O. by the league and a billionaire art dealer only a mother could love?

    Next time you post about the wonderful time when you discovered baseball as a kid, let’s all remember how you’re the only special kid out there and all others and their stars from somewhere else really don’t compare.

    • I promise you that I’d find a montage of broken down old Blue Jays set to any song from Arcade Fire’s oeuvre equally distasteful.

      • I’ll agree with you on the montage. I don’t like it either. As long as your negative comments are just about the video and not the act it depicts, then we’re cool and in agreement.

  2. Shitting on former Expos AND Arcade Fire?

    You sir, are a lout.

  3. I loathe myself for saying this, but how cool/incredibly pedantic would it be for the Jays to wear the Expos duds for a day?

    • I’d like to see that.

    • Why would Toronto fans want to see their team wear Montreal uniforms? Can you imagine the outcry if a Montreal team wore Toronto uniforms? It would have been more amusing if the Washington Nationals wore Expos uniforms for the recent series at the Dome. But no, MLB isn’t clever enough for that.

    • That’s not the right way to use the word pedantic.

  4. Damn you for posting this. You made me cry at work, dammit! And in 1981 I was a Jays fan. But I also remember these guys.

  5. Pretty impressive turnout actually … Dawson, Raines, Valentine, Parrish, Cromartie … AND Rowland Office!!

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