Brett Lawrie Said Some Swears

Let’s be generous and say that last night’s game between the Toronto Blue Jays and Milwaukee Brewers wasn’t exactly a shining example of how a baseball game ought to be played. In addition to a number of fielding and base running gaffes, there were four lead changes after the Blue Jays scored the first runs of the game in the top of the third inning.

That sounds like an exciting game, and it might even look exciting when we see the win probability added chart, but when names like Tim Dillard and Robert Coello are being called upon to protect leads, it’s a bit like watching a teenager match wits with a toddler in a game of Trivial Pursuit. It was ugly. In fact, if the two teams had any self respect, they might have both stopped playing the game in the seventh inning and conceded a rare double loss.

Source: FanGraphs
However, the ugliness wasn’t confined merely to the game being played on the Miller Park diamond. Fans in Milwaukee took to heckling their team’s former prospect and current lead off hitter for the night’s opposition, Brett Lawrie. Not surprisingly, the freshly anointed saviour of Canadian baseball allegedly didn’t take the barrage of insults lying down, as that position is presumably rather unfamiliar to him.





Do you notice a bit of a shift in Mr. Haurdricourt’s tweeting pattern there? I’m not one to jump to conclusions, but I wonder if the beat writer for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel got a small taste of the Blue Jays fan base’s presence on Twitter.

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  1. When will the Parkes Jays trolling stop?

    • Please let me know how this is trolling?

      • well when you pick out a buch of tweets from the idiots in the Jays fan base bashing a Milwaukee reporter, thats a pretty good example of trolling. Yes there are idiot fans out there, there are also rational ones.

      • IMO it’s trolling when that’s the headline you choose to describe last night’s game; the relevance of what Brett may/may not have said is much lower than the home runs hit, or the pitching situation.

        Saying both teams should have given up in the 7th also falls under the category of “inflammatory”.

        The Haudricourt narrative is missing key tweets (that he retweeted himself) of people who actually sat next to the Jays dugout. These say Lawrie was innocent of swearing and that it was Bautista who asked the heckler to stop.

        Controversial headlines/comments will grant you the desired clicks and response ratios – it’s your job to maintain and grow rankings and page views while being entertaining.

        But yeah, this post definitely is trolling.

    • This isn’t trolling.

    • Gregg Zaun thinks your troll-calling is a garbage publicatioin, in his opinion.

    • That’s a clown question, bro.

  2. Yes, I’m sure Brett “I Throw My Helmet At Umpires I’m Angry” Lawrie would NEVER swear at fans.

    Jays fans have a Milton Bradley in the making.

    • Did you hurt yourself when you landed from that long leap?

    • Wow, did you get bullied much in high school? Yes, all frat bros like Lawrie are just masking deep seated issues that will eventually spiral out of control. Whatever made you feel better when you had your head in a toilet…

      • That was fucking unnecessary. Defending bullying and hazing is just fucking ridiculous, painting Lawrie as a someone who would do such things while trying to defend him is counterproductive, and you are clearly an idiot. Go back to your darkened basement, troll.

        That aside, the Milton Bradley thing is definitely a stretch. He’s twenty fucking two years old. The kid’s going to overreact some. If he’s still throwing tantrums when he’s 27-28 and ben in the league a few years, call me. I might give a shit.

        • In the words of Spiderman… “everybody gets one”

        • Lol I see the train just pulled into overreaction junction. Does Brett Lawrie not strike you as the type who may have been a ‘jock’ in highschool? The fact that he assumes that kind of bro-ish intensity is automatically a hallmark of emotional insecurity leads me to believe that he in fact has some deep seated issues with the type. By the way, where do I ‘defend’ bullying? Go play on your jump to conclusions mat next time instead of mischaracterizing jokes as opinions.

          Spot on about the basement part though; its fucking hot out.

      • Seems like Ray and Joe B.G. would make a really cute couple.

  3. Lawrie cussing out little kids makes me like him more.

    Little kids are fuckin dicks.

    No you can’t have the baseball I just caught with my bare fuckin hands. Grow up.

  4. My wife thinks Lawrie is a monumental Douche-B and does not like him at all. She said so 10 seconds before the homer. She also cheered like banshee when he hit it. This is why my wife is awesome.

    • My girlfriend scowls whenever Lawrie gets face time, counts the number of times he picks at his crotch per at bat, and openly mocks his “hustle”. Some dudes have a way with the ladies.

  5. the kids obviously must have said something to him first

  6. Lawrie does…something.
    Page views!

  7. Whenever anyone says ‘more than one’ they mean two.

    Anyways, Lawrie is quite d-baggy don’t get me wrong, but in private and amongst themselves, little kids have filthier mouths than Louis CK. Get over it.

  8. Seemingly relevant tweets from:!/highsockmojo

    @Haudricourt only saw a heckler who was causing problems demanding Lawrie get fined.

    @Haudricourt I sat beside the dugout – Lawrie was barely even visible to the crowd. I also didn’t see any of this go down. (1/2)

    • Was gonna post a link to highsockmojo’s tweets too – first-hand evidence that contradicts the second-hand information tweeted from an anonymous heckler to a beat writer.

      Kinda relevant to the [non-] story.

  9. Are there any claims to this story aside from a reporter who is saying this second-hand? Anyone actually saying “I heard Brett Lawrie swearing AT fans”? I wouldn’t doubt that he’d be swearing like a trucker on the field and that may have been overheard by fans but I doubt he’d be swearing AT fans. While he certainly isn’t a refined individual that would mind his language while in the public eye I do believe that he’s enough a professional to block out fans and focus on the game.

  10. nice dig

    and what’s with wordpress requiring length minimums t comments all of a sudden. I had to bitch about wordpress to even fill enough space o get my short but relevant and positive comment posted. Fuck WordPress.


  12. I’m starting to suspect Parkes secretly wishes Brett Lawrie would break into this apartment, climb into his bed, and whisper sweet nothings into his ears as other fantasies of his are fulfilled

    Brett Lawrie made a grilled cheese sandwich? LET ME GO WRITE A POST ABOUT IT ON GETTING BLANKED

    • “Brett Lawrie made a grilled cheese sandwich? LET ME GO WRITE A POST ABOUT IT ON GETTING BLANKED”

      ….Give the people what they want

    • 0/10

      Parkes does a lot less Lawrie following than the Sportsnet broadcast. Whenever a Blue Jay gets a hit or makes a play they pan to get Lawrie’s reaction.

      • That’s like saying armed robbery isn’t a bad thing because there’s a serial killer on the loose. How about a basis of comparison that isn’t so idiotic?

  13. Parkes wants baseball to only be played to perfection. His ideal league includes only four teams: the Rangers, the Rays, the Nationals, and the Giants. Excitement be damned!

    • This is the only comment so far on the game as opposed to the twitter silliness. You must really be Scott Richmond :-).

      I agree – the game was exciting. But it’s also true that when I saw Coello asked to protect a 2-run lead in his 4th appearance… I was not thrilled. Frasor did worse last night but I still would have gone straight to him rather than take an extra risk on last night’s game for some hypothetical chance at saving the bullpen for tomorrow.

  14. I’m a little confused as to what the actual problem is. I was in right field during the second game of the Nationals series, and with the heckling going on aimed at Bryce Harper (there’s no way he didn’t hear at least parts of it), and the heckling going on at reliever’s (specifically Ross Detwiler… not sure why), I would’ve had no issue with Bryce Harper or Detwiler just turning around and telling those fools to fuck right off. So when you’re a guy who is clearly built for a big leagues, and the team that drafted you shits on you but never really believing in your talents, and then the fans pile on?! What exactly has Lawrie said or done to deserve the fan’s wrath? It was your team who gave up on him, Brewer’s fans. Try heckling them.

  15. This is the Twitter account of the guy what was heckling and reported Lawrie (to a security guy of all people)

    • funny I took the same heat as Parkes is for posting this somewhere. Are you all really coming to Getting Blanked for your hard hitting baseball stories?

    • Guy seems to have an issue with swearing in general. Claims Gomes swore after an at bat too. Also calls out via twitter the couple sitting behind him for talking politics, passive aggressive much?

    • I think this guy is making some of it up. But yes, Blue Jays swear when they strike out. It’s not hard to lip-read “FUCK”. This guy needs to go to a hockey game.

  16. Good read – Thanks, Dustin.

  17. Further proof Lawrie is the biggest of douchebags.

  18. i find it hilarious how quickly commenters jump on insulting Parkes. All he is doing is relaying news. Are you all aware that it is his job to follow the happenings of the MLB and mainly of the blue jays, cuz it really seems like a lot of you don’t realize this.

    would you say that television newscasters are “trolling” when they do fluff stories that stuff really don’t care about? No! For example, some school is putting on a fundraiser or a play or something. That’s still news, it’s something that is happening that some people are interested in. Maybe it just doesnt exactly interest you, but it’s still news! not all news is super exciting, riveting news, but when news happens, someone is out there to tell you about it. This is how the news works. If you don’t like the views this person is giving you, then go read stories from another source!

    For fucks sake! someone said Lawrie was swearing at fans and kids, but has no solid evidence to back it up, so now, Parkes is telling us who said what, where they got their info from, and then showed us how that same guy seemed to have jumped ship and changed his views.Then, he took reactions from other people. This is how you report the fucking news! How about he comes to your place of work and starts criticizing how you scrubbed that toilet incorrectly! Fucking assholes!

  19. I was the first call out that prick Haudicourt last night for his lies

  20. The incident did go down, just not like some beat reporters reported it. I spoke to some Brewers fans that were in the area and there were adults that started to provoke Lawrie by slandering him and more importantly his Family, which should be off limits. Someone said something that hit a nerve regarding his family and Brett started firing off F Bombs to everyone in the area. Highsock is a delusional loser that is lying by saying nothing happened. Maybe if she was stuffing her fat face with donuts or hot dogs and didnt notice but the incident went down but was initiated by adults in the stands

  21. Dustin, the reason this is trolling is because this story is so inconsequential, yet you felt the need to post it on this blog which is supposedly dedicated to the significant and/or amusing stories of the day throughout MLB.
    Why post this instead of stories with a bit more significance? All there is here is a beat reporter posting a handful of tweets following a complaint from one fan. It’s pretty thin stuff.
    It’s just becoming more and more apparent that anytime any kind of story, no matter how minor, comes along that reflects negatively on Lawrie, you are going to make a post out of it.
    Contrary to what some more belligerent commenters have said, I doubt it’s some deep-rooted resentment toward ‘bro’ types.I suspect that, like so many of us who watch Jays broadcast and Canadian sports media, you’re sick of the insistent focus on Lawrie. And this represents counter-programming for you.
    But you’re better than that, Dustin. Formulate your own opinions, don’t make your opinions, and you’re guiding principles for blogging, be based solely on reaction to the actions and opinions of others. Think for yourself!
    If that’s not the reason for your frequent posts on negative behaviour by Lawrie, then I look forward to future blog posts about other incidents of players (allegedly, with a single source) swearing at fans, and having over-the-top arguments with umpires.

  22. Not that you’ll listen, but: what the fuck happened to you, Parkes?

    DJF was once a must-read, and yours was up there with Tao, Wilner, and (formerly) Bastian as one of the best Jays blogs.

    Today you’d be better qualified writing headlines for the Huffington Post. Where once you analyzed, discussed, and had a little fun with the subject material and your readers, now you just seem to get off on being a contrarian troll, peddling sensationalistic bullshit for pageviews.

    You’re not worth the follow anymore. For a guy who writes as well as you do, and knows as much about baseball as you do, you’ve become an absolutely terrible blogger.

    Remember when you got a couple dozen unwarranted “fuck offs” every time you posted? You’re earning them now.

  23. If it was truly something about his family, good for him for going off. Considering an entire arm of ink is dedicated to one family member who died a terrible death it should be off-limits and shame on the dumb fuck who would bring that up.
    Then again it was likely absolutely nothing and Hadricourt is desperate for a story.
    As far as Parkes goes, I appreciate these posts and your sometimes devil’s advocate opinion.

  24. There is a lot of disagreement in these comments. However, I think we can all agree that “Angelo”, the third twatter listed in Parkes’ tweetbacks, needs to surrender all his Jays merchandise and evidence of Jays’ fandom and be unceremoniously shot and buried in North York wearing all Red Sox gear.

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