Worst. Call. Ever. Part Infinity.

It seems as though there have been a lot of bad calls by umpires so far this season. I’m not sure that what seems to be is necessarily the case. In fact, I’d suggest that there could be just as many cases of poor judgement from officials as always, but that there are more viewers watching more games, and so those blown calls merely receive a more intense spotlight.

Whether such a theory is right or wrong doesn’t matter all that much though when we watch the above video, wherein Carlos Santana of the Cleveland Indians is out by approximately a million feet – but nonetheless ruled safe by second base umpire Jim Wolf.

I feel as though I can relate to Cincinnati Reds shortstop Zach Cosart, who just stands there and doesn’t quite shake his head, but looks around as though there should be some place to which he can put forth an appeal that would be heard. Karma? Jesus? Something that favours reality over fiction?

This is the exact same look that dresses my face whenever nonsense makes an appearance in my life.

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  1. Holy. Even if you grant that he double-clutched the ball in his glove, Santana was two yards away from the base by the time he finished the second clutch.

  2. Is that clip real?

  3. +1 to that second last paragraph. Absolutely perfect.

    -1000 for that umpire.

  4. Is this better or worse than the game with the Rockies where Helton was pulled several feet off of first and the guy was still called out?

    • The Helton call was worse, but this is pretty bad.

    • Much, much worse I’d say. Helton wasn’t pulled “several feet off of first”, it was about a foot at most and with the umpire’s position Helton’s body may have blocked his view of the foot/bag which is still bad umpiring. Plus it was a close play (or would have been if he were on the bag) happening quickly.

      Santana is a slow, slow man and therefore this play seems to happen in slow motion and the umpire should have had a good position on it, and if he didn’t he had time to get it.

      I hope he gets fined/suspended for that. It definitely seems like there have been more awful calls this year. And not just close plays that they get wrong. Unforgivably bad calls that I really hope will start having repercussions for umpires. Given the resistance to using replay, MLB should be doing absolutely everything they can to ensure that plays are being called correctly. They should also be seen to be doing so, none of this behind closed doors coddling of umpires bullshit.

      That was disgusting.

  5. Umpires are most likely to make terrible calls like this when players do something they don’t expect. As the announcers make clear, Votto’s decision to go to second was not the typical play.

    Of course there is still no excuse for that call.

  6. This is mostly unrelated, but i just spotted this gem in the klaw chat…. Worst. Question. Ever?

    Anthony (Brooklyn)
    When you evaluate pitching prospects, I notice that you talk about command, control, break, stuff, missing bats but you fail to mention the ability to just win games. For example, Ivan Nova just wins games, despite propensity to give up home runs and not miss that many bats. Just thought you might want to consider just winning games going forward.

    Klaw (1:18 PM)
    It’s been a long time since I assessed a $5 fine for Klawbaiting, but I might have to bust that out this one time.

    • More like Best. Question. Ever!

      That’s a troll question, bro!

      • I would totally agree with that if not for the fact that there are still lots of people who are paid lots of money to know lots about baseball that still place as much value on pitcher wins as this guy.

        For the sake of the gene pool I hope I’m wrong and that it was a total troll.

        If so, well done.

  7. Would someone please come and pick me up off the floor? I fell out from laughing so hard after watching how unbelievable that was

  8. It’s Zack, not Zach. And it’s Cozart, not Cosart. Nonsense.

  9. Watching this made me really angry. Grrrr

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