The word on the street, and by street, I mean a report from, informs us that a movie based on the life of Texas Rangers outfielder Josh Hamilton has been shopped around Hollywood, with Casey Affleck attached to write the script and direct the movie.

If you weren’t made aware of it by the sentence immediately following any mention of Hamilton, the slugger has battled (and sometimes overcome) drug and alcohol addiction to become one of the best hitters in all of baseball. He’s accomplished such a feat through faith, family and an accountability partner who has followed him around on his travels with the baseball team.

One of the people associated with the proposed film said the following, as though purposely trying to make me vomit:

I truly think this guy’ story is one of the most inspiring stories I’ve ever read. It’s also tailor-made for a movie. It has the mythic quality of The Natural, the faith-based angle of The Blind Side, and faith is a major part of our story, and the romance of Walk the Line. Casey has totally captured those elements in his take for the movie.

They further ensured I will never visit the cinema to see a Hamilton biopic by saying:

It is an extraordinary odyssey that took him from the depths of drug addiction, estrangement from his family, and suspension from baseball to a spectacular rebirth of his life, faith, marriage and major league career.

You might sense a touch of bitterness from my writing on this topic, and I suppose it’s true. I’m deeply enraged over my original spec script being completely ignored by producers. My version would’ve been more abstract than the standard linear narrative fare with Hamilton being played by six actors including Christian Bale, Cate Blanchett, Richard Gere, the reanimated corpse of Heath Ledger, Marcus Carl Franklin and Ben Whishaw.

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  1. A movie about a junkie finding god? No thanks.

    A movie about a junkie finding 33 million bucks? That I would pay to see. Oh wait Richard Pryor and John Candy already made that movie.

  2. Hamilton’s story says to every addict that they, too, can find sobriety– all it takes is the constant, tangible reality of a multi-million dollar career and a full time employee to watch their every move. Dare to dream, meth-addled zombies!

  3. I have no desire to see this movie, but who knows, I thought the same when they first announced a Moneyball movie and it was great.

  4. No. I want a RA Dickey movie!

  5. If this movie is made every baseball fan will see it even if they say they won’t because baseball fans love baseball and this is sorta related to it. Deny it all you want you know you will watch it.

  6. At least wait until he’s retired. What happens if they’re halfway through shooting, or are about to release it, and Hamilton’s playing takes a nosedive, or he falls off the wagon? I’m a firm believer in waiting to do a biopic AT LEAST until after the subject is no longer doing what the movie is about, and ideally dead.

  7. I’m looking forward to the scene where they exploit the death of the fan in the stands Hamilton tossed the ball, too.

    Seems like the perfect opportunity for a Ben Affleck cameo.

  8. I hope Ben Affleck plays the guy that Hamilton missthrows the ball to in the stands and dies cause of it, that would be Affleck’s best role for sure

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