The second installment of the “Subway Series” will get underway Friday night at Citi Field, and things might get interesting after the latest comments from Mets closer Frank Francisco.

“I can’t wait to face those chickens”, Francisco told the New York Post. ” I want to strike out the side against them, I’ve done it before.”

In his career against the Yankees, Francisco has three blown saves and a 3.29 ERA in 25 games. This season, he has compiled a 5.14 ERA, 3.69 FIP with 17 saves in 20 chances. As for his comment about striking out the side, here are some of his numbers all-time against the current Yankees.

Mark Teixeira: 1-for-6, four strikeouts

Alex Rodriguez: 3-for-12, five strikeouts

Raul Ibanez: 0-for-6, three strikeouts

Curtis Granderson: 3-for-6, two strikeouts

Comments (12)

  1. But has he struck out the side against them in the past as he claims?

  2. Looks like he did back in 2004 as a member of the Rangers

  3. After further research, Francisco has struck out the side against the Yankees.It was on May 21, 2004. He struck out Jeter, A-Rod and Giambi in the seventh inning.

  4. Did he not say why they’re chickens? Seems like an odd thing to say without backing it up.

  5. The fact this article didn’t include a back to the future reference means you failed darren. CMON man.

  6. These comments were blown way out of proportion.

    He was clearly referring to eating 3 live chickens.

    Because Frank Francisco is fat.

  7. ahhah he is fatt and sucks why would he run his mouth after all its the yankees

  8. i remember when he struck out the side vs boston last year. that was awesome.

  9. Instead of running his mouth, perhaps he should just try running. (oh…And not sucking at pitching)

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