This is Cincinnati Reds prospect Billy Hamilton. Cincinnati Reds prospect Billy Hamilton is fast. He’s very fast. Not only is he fast, but he’s also good at base running.

I know this because since the beginning of last season, over two levels of Minor League Baseball, Hamilton has stolen 183 bases in 201 games. Over that same amount of time, he’s only been caught stealing 36 times, giving him a successful stolen base rate of 84%.

It’s exactly the type of thing that we’d normally spend time writing about at Getting Blanked, and yet, there have been few mentions of Hamilton on these pages. But why?

Given the player’s unquestionable proficiency at baseball’s running game, Billy Hamilton makes me think of stolen bases.

Stolen bases makes me think of thieving in general.

Thieving in general makes me think of thieving in specifics, and specifically car thieves.

Car thieves make me think of the film Gone In Sixty Seconds.

Gone In Sixty Seconds makes me think of Nicolas Cage.

Nicolas Cage reminds me of this:

And that’s why you don’t see more posts about Billy Hamilton at Getting Blanked.