The internet can be a tough place. People are quick to react, slow to think and prone to abusive behaviour. But then something like the above comes along and … well, it gets totally redeemed.

Courtesy of McCovey Chronicles.

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  1. The side view of the synchronized bat drop is memorizing.

  2. That’s…. Amazing.

  3. Awesome last 2 posts.

  4. Can I get this on a t-shirt?

  5. Jays should trade for Belt. Would love to see him get a shot in Toronto.

    • If they didn’t trade him when he was homerless and Huff on the DL and Pill getting the majority of at-bats, they probably are committed to him. Sigh.

      Maybe they can target LoMo though?

      • Wasn’t there some talk of AA targeting LoMo a while back? I think I’d be alright with that, as long as he can move to first. The outfield is just to jam packed to stick him LF!

  6. He’ll cool down. He ain’t a Bonds.

  7. I miss Barry Bonds.

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