Attention overly patriotic Canadians! The Toronto Blue Jays have unveiled their special Canada Day jerseys and made them available for purchase from their online store. If being confused for a tomato is your thing, you better grab one quickly.

Chris Creamer has more of the details over at SportsLogos.Net, but even he doesn’t know for sure what will adorn the players’ heads on July 1st. Although, his money seems to be on the subtly camouflaged caps that were worn during Memorial Day weekend making another appearance.

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  1. I am in the USA and I think they are GREAT !!! Love the red & love the idea. :-)

  2. The Jays should just completely embrace the Maple-boner fluffing surrounding Lawrie and make this his jersey all the time, not just Canada Day.

    But only for Lawrie. The rest of the Jays will just wear their usual scrubs.

    They should also consider getting him to legally change his name to Brett Canada, with the team option (AA loves options!) of an additional name change to Dougie-Gordie Canada in a future season.

  3. They really needed a maple leaf on the logo, Paul Beeston says. They really need a Canada Day uniform, too, apparently. Expect the red alternate Jersey to be in the rotation next year. Fuck.

  4. I like how they use Brett Lawrie’s uniform in the sample picture.

  5. God forbid we overtly show which country the team plays in for 1 game in the whole season. This will totally ruin my enjoyment of the game of baseball forever all time times infinity.

  6. Brett Lawrie should have to wear this jersey every day.

  7. You all have it wrong, that isn’t a patriotic jersey, that’s Rogers red. It’s all about corporate synergies, people.

  8. I LOVE THIS JERSEY!!! Bring it on!

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