45-year old infielder Omar Vizquel is no stranger to rain delays, and last night he showed off some of his best best dance moves to the Fenway faithful.¬†Given his minuscule 62 plate appearances all season, you might say that this was the most action he’s seen in a while.

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  1. Nice to see him really embracing his role as mascot.

  2. Good clubhouse guy.

  3. Fuck the guy’s a better dancer as well…

  4. Omar was just giddy that there is now a player older than him in the organization. Now he has someone to reminisce with about those days when they wore onion rings on their belts because it was the style at the time.

  5. Dancing with the stars material.

  6. Old people, although slow and dangerous behind the wheel, still can serve a purpose

  7. i hope the dance off challenge between omar and sid seixeiro really happens

  8. yunel escobar’s straight face made this video.

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