Editorial Note: The latest information graphic from the talented Craig Robinson of Flip Flop Fly Ball shows us the results of Barry Bonds’ plate appearances from 1986-2007. It turns out that Bonds was a pretty good baseball player [D.P.].

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  1. You ever look at Barry Bonds’ sluggling numbers and think… “oh my god! those are sluggling and not OPS!”

  2. Greatest ever? I’m partial to the Babe myself, but damn, Bonds was a God.

  3. Frankly, I doubt there will ever be another play who can match his production during the 2001-2004 seasons. For Christ’s sake, his OBP was over .600 in 2004!

    At the time, I knew Bonds was good. But fuck, I forgot just how good he was.

    That he didn’t catch on with a team after 2007 is an absolute shame – the only explanation is owner collusion. I don’t care how distracting he was perceived to be – someone should have signed him for his 480 OBP alone. I really hope he sues MLB someday.

    • I believe the story broke a few years back that they admitted to collusion, and nobody made anything of it because none really wanted him back in the game. I would have loved to see him DH.

  4. Great graphic. People can debate whether Bonds was the best ever, but I would say he’s the best I’ve seen live.

  5. what colour shows his nads shrinkage?

  6. Its fascinating to see the outs side get smaller than the getting on base side.

  7. One great stat from 2004: 45 Home Runs, 41 Strikeouts

  8. The number of intentional walks in 2004 is unbelievable

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