Time to talk about umpires. It isn’t because we hate them or believe them to be incompetent, it is because we want to help them! Help them help us. It is all about reciprocity. We also discuss Aroldis the Gynmast, CC to the DL, and declare Adrian Gonzalez dead.

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  1. Also because we hate them and think they are incompetent.

  2. *Knock Knock*

    Who’s there?


    DeWayne who?

    DeWayne the tub!! I’m dwowning!!

  3. In Rugby the team captain can talk to the ref as much as he likes. But usually polite questions by any player are answered. If you argue too much and aren’t the captain you might get your team a 10 yard penalty, which can easily turn into 3 points for the other team inside your 45. Baseball doesn’t have this disincentive. The only option an ump has is to throw you out of the game. They can’t give the other team a free shot at a home run.

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