Attention Major League Baseball general managers of competing teams: The Milwaukee Brewers are prepared to trade right-handed starting pitcher Zack Greinke, assuming that the team is unable to sign him to a contract extension before the trade deadline.

Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports suggests that the Brewers are being “very realistic” about their options regarding Greinke. According to Milwaukee GM Doug Melvin:

I haven’t sat down with ownership. I haven’t talked to any club yet to say, ‘Give names.’ I haven’t had that conversation. We’ve got to make a decision on what we’re doing overall. We’re hoping we can put a good week together. If we don’t, we’ve got to be prepared to go both ways. A lot more clubs are starting to call now. Clubs are calling on different players.

Any team acquiring Greinke would have to give up something better than the compensatory draft pick that the Brewers would receive if he signs elsewhere in the off season, and that price would go up considerably if a team was able to get a window to negotiate a contract extension with one of the best right-handed pitchers in all of baseball, who would like very much to be paid like one of the best right-handed pitchers in all of baseball. This sets the price to retain Greinke at something close to the contract extension that Matt Cain and the San Francisco Giants negotiated for five years at $112.5 million.

It should be remembered that if a trade is arranged, and that trade is of the rental variety with no negotiation window attached, it doesn’t necessarily preclude the Brewers from being players once Greinke hits free agency at the end of the season. Under such a scenario, Milwaukee could trade the former Cy Young Award winner, restock their depleted system with a return of prospects and then get the pitcher back in December after signing him to a free agent contract.

As we’ve previously discussed, the new collective bargaining agreement’s rules blocking teams from receiving draft compensation unless a free agent has played the entirety of the previous season in their uniform could make for something of a boring trade deadline as the best players available may simply not be worth the cost to teams looking for a rental player down the stretch.

Greinke certainly falls under this category, but if the Brewers don’t see themselves competing for a long term contract with their ace, they would most likely try to facilitate a contract extension between Greinke and the acquiring team, as this would increase their return significantly. Of course, this too is not without risks, as it would take time away from shopping their best asset elsewhere.

And The Rest

Boston Red Sox right-handed starter Clay Buchholz has been hospitalized with esophagitis. [Bloomberg News]

Sticking with the Red Sox, their trading of Kevin Youkilis to the Chicago White Sox has created a new item for political debate between the current President and presidential hopeful to debate. [Over The Monster]

The Toronto Blue Jays will not be calling up catching prospect Travis D’Arnaud for the next six to eight weeks, as the player tore a ligament in his knee during a Minor League game two evenings ago. [DJF]

The Colorado Rockies coaching staff was shaken up yesterday as longtime pitching coach Bob Apodaca asked to be reassigned within the organization, presumably not wanting anything to do with Jim Tracy’s current bit of rotational madness. [Purple Row]

The Texas Rangers have suffered another injury within the team’s starting rotation, with Colby Lewis being placed on the Disabled List with right elbow tendonitis. Scott Feldman will take his spot in the rotation, and prospect Martin Perez will join the bullpen. [Baseball Time In Arlington]

Cincinnati Reds closer Aroldis Chapman celebrated last night’s save in a fashion that rubbed just about everybody the wrong way. [Big League Stew]

Don’t look now, but the San Francisco Giants are only a single game back of the Los Angeles Dodgers in the National League West Division. [Baseball Musings]

Remember the time Spiderman flew out of C.C. Sabathia’s bum? [Old Time Family Baseball]

Third base umpire Mike DiMuro may have made a staggeringly bad call or two in the Cleveland Indians’ loss to the New York Yankees last night. []

In the latest instalment of the Getting Blanked Show, we discuss Mat Latos, Barry Zito, a wacky night in Miami and some big callups for the Cubs and Rangers, before moving on to discuss and attempt to lay blame for the rash of injuries currently destroying the Blue Jays already razor-thin pitching rotation. Conclusion: it is likely your fault. [Getting Blanked]

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  1. Ozzie. Backflips.

  2. The Chapman rolls were a direct result of Carlos Gomez hot-dogging a catch last season, by the way.

  3. I’m all in on the Jays going after Greinke if they can sign him to a contract extension, and I would be willing to trade any two players in the organization plus a B prospect to get him (contingent on a him signing a deal).

    I would be surprised if it happened though.

    • I support this statement.
      I would love to see the Greinkenator as a Bluejay.

      Hopefully it wouldn’t cost D’Arnaud (plus plus) though….

      • I doubt the Brewers would be targeting a catcher as LeCroy seems to be their guy of the future. That being said I’d have no problem including D’Arnaud if the was the make or break it player.

        Just looking at the Brewers needs, they’d probably be looking for OF, 1B, SS and starting pitching in return. So that being said, I bet they would want something like Adieny Hechavarria, Anthony Gose and let’s say one of Syndergaard, Sanchez or Nicolino in return.

    • Any 2 players in the org? LOL.

  4. Why is Jim Tracy still managing a MLB ball club? There needs to be an investigation.

  5. If trading for Greinke allows the Jays to lock him down to a 4 or 5 year deal it’s something they should absolutely explore.

    • I think he’s the best available free agent this winter (too much risk with Hamilton), and really this is the only way the Jays will could get him because if he does hit free agency I believe that another team would be willing to offer a contract longer than what the Jays would be willing to do.

  6. Don’t think Greinke is one of the best righties in the game..barely a top 5 to be fair.

    They could have anyone in our farm system for him though.

    • Personally a top 5 righty fits my definition of one of the best righties in the game. Would I take Verlander, Weaver or Strasburg over him, sure but those guys aren’t available.

      He would certainly become the Ace of the Blue Jays staff.

  7. Pitchers of this calibre do not come along very often. If the Jays are going to make a run at the playoffs over the next 5 years, this is kinda ace we need. The lineup looks great 1 through 6, the Jays need Greinke. Sell the farm.

    • Trade the Farm? That’s ridiculous. And Greinke hasn’t shown true “ace”, or true number 1, type stuff, since Kansas City in his Cy Young year in ’09. His low ERA this year can at least partially be attributed to his extremely low hr/9 which is sitting at a third of his career average.
      He’s pitching in the NL, in the central to boot and, of his 15 starts, has faced the Twins (2 times), Astros (1) Cubs (2) Royals (1) Mets (1) Giants (1) and DBacks (1), all sub par offensive teams to say the least, in two thirds of them.
      While I’d never argue that he would not be an improvement over what the Jays have been running out, The man has a 7-14 record over 29 starts and 185.1ish (there are several relief appearances that aren’t differentiated from his starts in terms of innings, but they are minimal) with 92 earned runs allowed over that span, for an ERA of 4.46 against AL East opposition.
      (note: I left out the Jays and focused on the teams he’d face as a Jay. In case you think I’m cherry picking, however, his ERA vs the Jays is a robust 4.45, so right in line with the rest of the division.)
      So what does that mean? Again, I’m not saying he isn’t a good pitcher who’s not worth an offer and a long-term deal. He probably will, and should, get Cole Hamels money. But to call him a true “Ace”, someone worth “trading the farm” for, is questionable, as being with the Jays puts him in the division he’s had the least success against in his career. He’s probably better off in the NL.

      • After looking at his neutralized numbers, it’s rather difficult for me to take this seriously: “Greinke hasn’t shown true “ace”, or true number 1, type stuff, since Kansas City in his Cy Young year in ’09.”

  8. Who gets moved first Hamels or Greinke? I know the Phillies are not that far out of it but I can’t imagine they could afford to take on another big contract.

  9. Hamels is likely signing with the Dodgers. His wife is a wanna be movie star or something.

    Greinke does not want to play for an east coast team apparently.

    Trading for either one as a pure rental is unrealistic. Its not like one of these guys will be enough to shore up the rotation enough to make a difference in the standings for 2012.

    Believing Rogers would authorize AA to trade and sign an extension for either Hamels or Greinke is even more far fetched.

    Gotta respect those payroll parameters.

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