It’s no longer enough for Los Angeles Angeles rookie outfielder Mike Trout to merely get four hits in a single game, he also has to do things like what we see in the above video. This happened in the bottom of the first inning of Wednesday’s game against the Baltimore Orioles at Camden Yards, and it, along with his four hits last night, is rather representative of the type of season Trout is having: the type in which every amazing thing that he does gets less and less surprising.

We’ve gone through the numbers before on Trout and attempted to grasp exactly what it is that the 20 year old is accomplishing this season. It’s remarkable to say the least. However, there are things beyond his presence on the leader board for several offensive metrics that make the young player noteworthy.

It’s entirely subjective and mostly a personal thing, but Mike Trout makes me want to watch an All-Star Game with him in it. This may be the highest compliment I have ever paid to a baseball player: He’s so exciting to see play, I’d watch an All-Star Game if he was in it.