It. Is. About. Time. The Los Angeles Dodgers and Baltimore Orioles appear to finally be heading back down to earth. We celebrate their misery, say a lot of good things about Chase Utley (too many good things), fake some outrage over the whole Clay Buchholz is a jerk face puppy killer and then lay our bets down for some #PropHate. It’s a swell time for us, for you, for every living creature. So, stop reading and watch our show already.

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  1. What does it say about your largest demographic that all the ads that came up during the show were for “50+ Toronto Singles”? Or is that specific to my computer and what it says about me? If so, I’d better start being more careful about what I search for at work…

  2. Bautista hit twice as many homers in June as the dodgers!!! roflstomp

  3. I wish Parkes would drop his dumb ‘wink ‘ / ‘oh hello there’ / ‘pleasure is all mine’ thing.

    Stoeten, you’re alright. Drew, pure excellence.

    Anyway, awesome work on becoming the best source for baseball coverage in the country! Long overdue.

    Also, who’s the worse sportsnet tandem in your guys’ opinion – Jamie and Zaun or Pat and Buck. I can’t help but feel that Zaun is the most awkward human being in the world and it makes me sick to watch the pre-broadcast show.

  4. I am fuckin thrilled that the dodgers and orioles are finally sucking like they should.

  5. You suck dicks Dustin. Eat my hairy nuts.

  6. The Giants will lose steam too. Can’t wait.

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