Milwaukee Brewers outfielder Nyjer Morgan ventured into the crowd at Great American Ballpark yesterday afternoon, attempting to grab a fly ball down the right field line. Unsurprisingly, his presence didn’t bring about a warm welcome from the Cincinnati Reds fans.

Morgan got tangled up with one in particular as he reached for the foul ball. When he didn’t come up with it, he shoved the fan with his glove. It was the sort of action that, if done by a friend, isn’t thought about at all, but when done by a stranger, can be taken to be an aggressive infringement of personal space.

Everyone involved was a big boy, though. So, no harm and therefore no foul. But then Morgan started what we who were born in a small town would refer to as chirping. In fact, Morgan’s vocal engagement with the fan, before umpire Marty Foster pushed him away, was so reminiscent of life outside of a Peterborough bar, all that was missing was a bouncer from the Trasheteria.

According to Morgan:

It’s just one of those things where we were tangled up; I could have made a play on the bal. I just gave him a little, ‘Get off me,’ because he was all on my arm and everything. Nothing major, but everybody might blow it up a little differently.

Indeed. But at least Morgan understands that some fans take their foul ball interference duties seriously.

That’s what the home fans are supposed to do, try to take the ball from the opposing team when the ball is in the stands. It’s fair game once the ball is in the stands.