Another week, another Getting Quoted. Seems kind of rote, doesn’t it? It doesn’t? Good. For as long as there are quote puns, there shall be quotes.

This week we have Dusty Baker ruining our fun, Matt Kemp not ruining his career and Joey Votto ruining our dreams.

He said for a lack of a better word that he was tired and needed a break, I will have him do some special-assignment work that I have been kicking around. And this will give him a chance to catch his breath.

There are many jobs on this planet that require people to step away and recharge their batteries due to the stress – brain surgeon, firefighter, President of the United States, pitching coach for the Colorado Rockies. Dan O’Dowd understands this.

It’s been addressed already and it’s over. It won’t happen again — ever. I know he’s happy and things have been going poorly for him, but he’s got to demonstrate in a different way.

Uh-oh, somebody is injecting personality and spontaneity into Major League Baseball. Quick, somebody call Dusty Baker and make sure something like this never happens again. Are we good? That was close. I hope you’ve learned your lesson, Aroldis.

It’s just one of those things where we were tangled up; I could have made a play on the ball, I just gave him a little, ‘Get off me,’ because he was all on my arm and everything. Nothing major, but everybody might blow it up a little differently.

That’s what the home fans are supposed to do, try to take the ball from the opposing team when the ball is in the stands. It’s fair game once the ball is in the stands.

Nyjer Morgan pushing a fan is a story I’m surprised didn’t get a lot more play than it did. Not that it warranted too much attention, it just seems like the kind of thing people could yell about for a while. So…I guess I’m drawing attention to it now. My bad. It’s not totally on me though, any week that gets a quote out of Nyjer is a good week in my book. Stay strong, Nyjer. Stay weird.

I’ve learned not to worry about things out of my control, all I can control is getting this thing healthy. I get to play a game for a living. You enjoy the fact you get to do that. You let them (the front office) do what they have to do.

No one is ever going to accuse Vernon Wells of not being humble. That being said, no one is going to accuse Vernon Wells of having a tradeable contract either. I think he may just get his wish to stay in Anaheim through none of his own doing.

He has returned to the Timmy of before.

That’s some Tabler-like prognosticating from Hector Sanchez. I get backing up your buddy and your teammate but let’s not get too hasty here. It’d be nice if Lincecum could begin to consistently remember how to throw strikes, but one shutout does not an ace make.

It’s only been three months now since I signed, but I think I’m very proud of signing an extension here, very excited to spend my career here. I really would like to think at this point in time — it’s a great point in time to say this — but I made the right decision.

Did you hear that, Joey Votto? That was the sound of every Jays fan’s hopes and dreams shattering into a hundred tiny, maple leaf shaped pieces.

You wouldn’t expect anything else out of anybody else. We’re talking about All-Star games and things like that, it’s tough for us to look into the future when we don’t even have a rehab game scheduled.

I don’t think this says too much about Matt Kemp, Ned Colletti. I would think any player would be more concerned about getting healthy for the season rather than the All-Star game because the All-Star game, you know, doesn’t matter. Or maybe Matt Kemp is just better than everybody else at putting the team before his own interests. I mean, it’s possible, he’s already better than everybody else at pretty much everything already. Who’s to say he’s not better at prioritizing as well?

He goes `Tell me you didn’t just hit with a toothpick in your mouth. I was like `I’m trying to quit dipping.’ He was `OK, that’s a good excuse.’

Can we please get a buddy comedy with Todd Helton and Josh Hamilton developed? I feel like this is something we, as a society, really and truly need. Or maybe it’s something that I, as an idiot who is easily amused, really and truly needs.