Call me crazy but…this is amazing. New York Mets general manager Sandy Alderson takes to twitter to take pot shots at the San Francisco Giants fans who elected Pablo “the Kung Fu Panda” Sandoval to start in the All Star game over Mets third baseman David Wright. Wright has better numbers in every conceivable way because, frankly, he’s a much better player.

This is how the fan balloting goes – active/passionate fans vote their favourites in at the expense of “more deserving” players. Deserving like poor David Wright, toiling in the obscurity of the New York media market. Can the guy ever get a break?

Alderson’s salvo comes as something of a response to something he tweeted earlier this weekend, noting the relative sizes of the two voting cities. His jab today takes whatever “heat” he felt from an innocuous comment made on twitter about the relative levels of sanity of two fanbases.

I suppose this is the power of twitter: it allows a tiny window into the mind of a wise-cracking GM who is able to massage the message and take the heat off his team or whatever. At the very least it gives a pretty funny dude a medium to shoot his big mouth off. We will see who laughs last when one of those ball dudes rolls up on Citi Field. Those old buggers are pretty tough, I gather.