Back! The Getting Blanked Show is back and ready to take on July! We are joined by a special guest host, pitch f/x Jonathan Hale, for the vacationing Dustin Parkes.

Without Parkes we found ourselves quite agreeable and friendly when discussed Ricky Romero, the Braves case of the Mondays, and NL Central beef. We tackled the All Star game in this week’s edition of The Switch Hitter.

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Comments (5)

  1. Is this the same guy who writes for the Mockingbird too? I like him.

  2. Was told Parkes was on vacation, looking forward to the show this week guys!

  3. I agree with Hale. I think we’re looking at a little of the “natural correction” as a more realistic Romero emerges. Not to mention that he’s had to sit and watch as a nuclear bomb has gone off in the starting rotation. When Alverez had his little elbow scare the other day, they panned over to Rickey as trainer cane out and he literally looked like a man left for dead. Given how we’ve only started talking about the shitification of Romero since the rotation started dropping like flies. Perhaps we can chock of this up to a little of the mid life pitching crisis – it’s a lot of pressure if he feels like he’s got to carry the team. And hey, if Greinke can get through a little brain-injury, perhaps the odds are good for Romero.

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