There is risk in every contract in sports. Risk on the player’s side and risk for the team shelling out millions of dollars for what amounts to potential. When the Padres extended outfielder Cameron Maybin this offseason, it looked like a great deal for the team. Maybin was fresh off a great season at age 24 when the Padres gave him five years and more than $25 million bucks.

Only a fool would pass judgement on a five-year contract 75 games in but Padres fans grew quite concerned after Cameron Maybin’s slow start in 2012. His .206/.287/.307 line this season (.272 wOBA) looks nothing like the .325 wOBA catalyst for his big extension.

Extension is a key word in the above video. After making some mechanical adjustments at the plate, Maybin extends all over a thigh-high Trevor Cahill sinker and sends it some 485 feet to left center field in Arizona, the longest bomb of the season thus far.

Cameron Maybin might not realize the potential his assortment of tools suggested lurked below the surface. It is also possible that his 2011 season represents the best of his career. One homer does not a season make but any adjustment that gets Maybin’s swing shorter to the ball and keeps him from getting burned by the fastball is a good one, me thinks. At the very least it shows a player who is willing to listen and make changes when he isn’t swinging well.

And The Rest

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That is much better, Ruben.

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