Well looky here, it is the Fourth of July edition of the Getting Blanked show! You don’t have to remove a rib to absorb our discussion on Chris Carpenter and the Cardinals (and Oscar, not Wily, Taveras), the trade market as a whole, and last night’s prospect implosion.

We are joined by Ben Nicholson-Smith of MLB Trade Rumors, which was great and pleasurable indeed. Follow him on Twitter and read MLBTR (as if you already don’t.)

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Comments (4)

  1. Michael Young might not be good anymore, so does this finally justify the Esteban Loaiza trade? And speaking of trades, if the Jays were to move Rasmus, what could they realistically expect back?

    • they could expect an edwin jackson rental and marc rcepzypski and an octavio dotel rental….and they could expect to win a WS now that their cancer is gone.

  2. Maybe the Cards should consider moving Rzep into the rotation. I was always a little saddened when the Jays moved him into the bullpen.

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