We all know better. All the armchair prospect enthusiasts have more insight into the viability of a given prospects ability to produce at the big league level. When guys like Joe Saunders and Josh Collmenter fill your rotaion, how can you not bring up stud prospects like Trevor Bauer or Tyler Skaggs?

Well, the trouble is, pitching is hard. Very, very hard.

Trevor Bauer has great stuff and a refreshing approach to the game. He attracts a great deal of attention (probably too much) for his jaw-dropping long toss routine. Trevor Bauer is fun and somewhat captivating.

Trevor Bauer is also a strikeout pitcher struggling to find the zone with regularity at the big league level. This coming after a grand total of 118 and two-thirds innings pitched in the minor leagues. Trevor Bauer is 21 years old. Trevor Bauer is still learning how to do lots of things, pitch at the big league level chief among them.

Bauer started out like a champ last night, striking out the side in the first inning. But things quickly unravelled for the young right-hander, allowing seven runs and walking four batters while registering just 10 outs. Those ten outs required 80 pitches, not exactly a sign of domination.

It was just his second start at the big league level so there are not any grand conclusions to draw here. Pitching is hard and getting big leaguers out is very, very difficult. Guys like Joe Saunders are continually employed for a reason. It is confounding but they always say the biggest gap in baseball is the one between Triple-A and the Bigs. Bauer will be fine but it will take time.

Do the Diamondbacks have time as they fight with the Dodgers and Giants for the NL West crown? What choice do they have? Joe Saunders? C’mon, that guy sucks.


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