After a one week hiatus, the sports blogosphere’s original ‘GIFs of the week’ post has returned. It’s baseball, irreverence, and bootleg video capture software coming together for the greater good of the internet. We lead this week’s instalment with a celebration of Prince Fielder flipping his bat like a BAWSE, because that’s how we do.

Here are the rest of the GIFs that made us gasp, guffaw, and groan over the past week.

Trevor Bauer warmup routine > Trevor Bauer performance

Spit of the week (saliva division)

Spit of the week (non-saliva division)

Stellar defensive play of the week

Symbolism of the week: the Dodgers’ bubble has burst

Swing and a miss of the week

Great play, stupid slide of the week

Cameraman WIN of the week

Brett Lawrie bare hands it because of course

The exception of the week

Credits: Pagan’s helmet popping whiff via @bubbaprog; cameraman catch via Dan Moore

Comments (11)

  1. No Mathis hugs at home plate? I was waiting all week to see that in GIF format.

    • I did capture that footage, but didn’t really like how it played as a GIF. Sorry to disappoint!

      • Too bad – the way he was squirming and crawling before the hug i thought it would be great!

        Just goes to show, leave the GIF’ing to the experts. Thanks for the weekly laughs!

  2. The swing and miss of the week reminds me of Timmy from the Whitest Kids U’ Know.

  3. The all powerful gymkata!

  4. Gotta Hate Fielder, should of renamed it…”I shouldn’t be so fucking show offey until I lose some weight” gif.

    Fat prick, get in shape.

    • Wow. I bet he’s in better shape than you. I for one love his bat flips. He knows immediately that he’s hit a ball four hundred thousand feet.

    • Jesus Ron. It’s Friday. Show a little joy

    • You don’t think he’s tried?

      Fuck off, we all have our issues/demons. His are simply on-display at all times.

      Ooh, look at me, hating on fat people. It’s OK because they’re not born that way! Fuck you.

  5. LMAO @ Fielder!!!

  6. Thank you for the MacGyver GIF. Unreal…

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