Welp. As much as watching Giancarlo Stanton smack crazy taters might compel the bravest among us to run the Home Run Derby gauntlet on Monday night, the news that he will skip the entire All Star festival of product placement as he requires arthroscopic surgery on his injured right knee is a legit bummer for any and all baseball fans.

The knee bothered Stanton all the way back in Spring Training but the superhuman 22-year old opted to play through the pain of “loose bodies” in his “knee”. The decision surely became easier when rest became insufficient to ease his pain, not to mention the Marlins less than banner first half in the tough NL East.

The slugging right fielder can heal with his mind at ease, knowing the Marlins first half disappointment falls at feet other than his own. Giancarlo Stanton posted very “Mike Stanton” numbers in 2012, clouting 19 home runs and posting a .390 wOBA and a cool 3 WAR. Not bad for a guy playing on a bum knee.

With Stanton out, Bryce Harper becomes the youngest All Star position player in the history of the Midsummer Classic. Congratulations, Bryce. If only your achievement didn’t come at such a steep price. The prospect Gods giveth…

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  1. Terrible news! Love watching Stanton scare the balderdash out of opposing pitchers.

  2. terrible news. he’s the fourth best outfielder on my fantasy team.

  3. “loose bodies”? This would seem to add credence to my theory that 1 “Giancarlo” is formed through the covalent bonding of at least 1000 “Mikes”.

  4. Drew you are to Giancarlo Stanton as Parkes is to the Giants. I saw this injury on another site and figured you would be writing something on it.

  5. Shit man, I am bummed because I love this dudes fucking girth, but I’m way more bummed because it fucks my fantasy league. (wait, that reads strangely…)

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