The home run derby that precedes Major League Baseball’s All-Star Game is something of a commercial for the game of baseball. So, it’s somewhat appropriate that the most entertaining part of the evening should come from an actual commercial of the television variety.

I now want an insurance policy with State Farm and I don’t even live in America.

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  1. You can get it here, mang.

  2. I have State Farm for my tenants insurance, get with it Parkes :p

  3. Yeah State Farm is actually an awesome insurer, just a bit expensive.

  4. Use Quaker State…its slicker.

  5. Anyone hear/see Bautista berate the catcher last night? “move in god damnit you peice of shit! Like you’re trying to jam me”

    Some of those words may have been made up, was interesting though to see where Bautista really likes the ball.

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